Flying With Dad

Yvonne Caputo always wanted a deeper relationship with her Dad but didn’t know why they weren’t close or what she might have done wrong. 

Everything began to change during a phone call a few years before her Dad died. He talked of his role as a navigator aboard a B24 bomber during WWII. 

She asked questions and learned more about the man, his terror during bombing raids, his relationship with her Mom, his passions and his pride. She discovered that her Dad was both ordinary and extraordinary. He didn’t have to be a war hero to be HER hero. And she discovered that the relationship she wanted with her father had been right there...if she knew how to look for it.

Author Yvonne Caputo

Yvonne is a psychologist, therapist, trainer, former teacher, and speaker who holds a MA in Clinical Psychology, MS and BS in Elementary Education.

Flying With Dad  is her first book.

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