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The Ingenium Books team is made up of award-winning journalists, writers, editors, proofreaders, designers and planners with a passion for producing good books. Ingenium Books is a fee-for-service indie publishing house. We don't ask for – or take – a percentage of your royalties, unless you ask us to.

Ingenium Books is the creation of life and business partners Boni and John Wagner-Stafford. They are masters at using their creativity, ingenuity, natural disposition and character to live authentic and creativity-fuelled lives. For them, this involves living on their 40’ sailboat, Ingenium. Which is currently on the waters of the Pacific ocean off Mexico.

Their purpose is creating and inventing, and helping others do the same. The story of how they traded in their crazy urban corporate business lives to create this life is detailed in a forthcoming book, which doesn’t yet have a name. But it might very well be Ingenium.

Boni & John Wagner-Stafford

Ingenium (latin) definition:

Ingenium means creative mind, creative thinking, talent, a natural innate quality, natural disposition or capacity, and character.

When Boni & John Wagner-Stafford were looking for a new name for their new sailboat (and new home) they stumbled across "Ingenium". It was perfect. It described their commitment to nurture their individual and collective creative sides. And it also addressed what they had to do (be creative) in order to make their move from land onto the water a reality.

And now they've created the Ingenium Books team. 

Our purpose at Ingenium Books is to help you professionally self-publish with expertise you can trust. And we have an awesome team to do that.

The Ingenium Books Team

Boni Wagner-Stafford

Boni is an author and our lead writer, ghostwriter and editor...

John Wagner-Stafford

John is the technical and creative operational genius behind Ingenium Books ...

Molly Billings

Molly is our copyediting queen and author marketing plan specialist…

Trina Holt

Trina Holt has authored and edited for 20 years, and she specializes in biography and memoir.

We are proud of our Ingenium Books team. We think you will be too, once you've had a chance to work with us.  Want to know more? Check out our blogs. Check out the Ingenium Books process.  

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“When you write a book, you need a power team.

Put Ingenium Books on the top of your list. Trust me you will be so very glad you did.”

- David Reeve, Unleash Culture