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Narrate Your Audiobook

How to Create and Narrate Your Audiobook

Your self-published book is finally finished. You lovingly and painstakingly nurtured it over many months, maybe even years, transforming it from a few scrawled notes into a sleekly bound thing of beauty.

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print on demand

Why Print on Demand is Crucial to Your Author Business

Print on demand, where your book isn’t printed until someone places an order, is crucial to the success of your author business. Time to market is fast, cost accompanies revenue, you have flexibility

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Five Simple Microsoft Word Skills for the Indie Author

Five Simple Microsoft Word Skills for the Indie Author 

Today there are all kinds of technical, software and app options to help you plan, research and write your manuscript. But don’t forget about Microsoft Word just because it’s been around so long. It’s

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Before You Write Your Book, Get All Your Ideas Out

“I’m going to write a book!” It sounds so simple, right? It’s easy to picture yourself sitting comfortably in front of a screen or a notepad with the words ‘chapter one’ at the top of

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