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Why Write A Book

You Can Absolutely Write a Book. You Need to Know Why First.

Why write a book?Good question. That is, if you are thinking of trying to write one.Most folks think they have a book inside them, even if it’s buried deep. “I could write a book!” I agree; everyone

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Book marketing strategy

Nonfiction Book Marketing Strategy: 13 Elements for Outstanding Success

Stumped about a book marketing? What goes in one and how do you use it? Here are our 13 key elements of a successful nonfiction book marketing strategy.

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Author Coach

What is an Author Coach and Why Do You Need One?

There are nutrition coaches. Leadership coaches. Career coaches. Life coaches. Have you noticed how the people who tend to work with coaches always seem so... together? And you wonder why they, of all

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The Best Nonfiction Book Marketing Idea You’ve Never Thought Of

You may feel you’ve pulled out all the stops and you’re doing everything you can think of to market your nonfiction book. Price promotions? Flog free copies on social media? Book signings at

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narrative plot structure

How to Create A Narrative Plot Structure for Nonfiction

Creating a narrative plot structure is key to delivering a good nonfiction read. Rather thatn reciting fact after fact, you need to tell a good story.

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Nonfiction Book Covers

5 Ways To Tweak Your Nonfiction Book Cover To Success

A successful nonfiction book cover isn’t just about choosing the best design or the best font. There are certain ways you can manipulate readers into liking your cover, simply by following a couple of

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Love You Forever

How “Love You Forever” Came to Life: Gayle Eastman Author Guest Post

My journey from grief to acceptance of my child’s transition as a transgender adult is unique because my friend/co-author, MaryRose, had also been through it with her FTM son. ‘Love You Forever’

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Your Essential Indie Author Productivity Tools

Like every other business out there, you have more demands on your time than you have hours in a day. Which is why these five essential indie author productivity tools just might help you squeeze in another

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Picture 1000 Words

When is a Picture Worth 1000 Words?

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. If you’re thinking about artwork for your book, you’re right that it can greatly enhance your book. However, you’ll want to exercise

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types of editing

How These 7 Types of Editing Will Make You a Better Author

how do you decide what kind of editing you and your book are ready for? Developmental editing? Substantive? Line editing or copy editing? And then there’s mechanical, production, and proofreading.

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