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self-publishing journey David Rhodd

My Self-publishing Journey: David Rhodd Guest Author Post

I got to a point where I wanted to be able to reach a wider audience and raise my game to the next level. The best way to do that, and to stand out in a crowded marketplace, is to write a book. Because

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permission to quote

Permission to Quote: How, When and the Indie Author Challenge

If you write nonfiction, like all of our clients at Ingenium Books, you may want to quote other notable experts in your field. In either case, keeping on the right side of copyright law and obtaining permission

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Gwyn Teatro

Gwyn Teatro Guest Author Post: Picking Up the Pen

Gwyn Teatro is one of our authors at Ingenium Books. We’re thrilled to share her news – that she’s writing a book – and to let you know that we’ll have more information about Gwyn

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Kitty Karma Book Signing

Kitty Karma Book Signing: You’re Invited!

It’s the Kitty Karma book signing in Toronto, and you’re invited! If you love books, and you love cats, and you love books about cats… then you really must join us Thursday May 31, 2018.

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Hire an Editor

Discover 10 Signs You Need To Hire An Editor Now

When you’re writing a book, having an editor helps you develop your book to the best version of itself. Some writers still think of editors mainly as grammar and spell checkers. In reality, when

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inspiring stories that matter

Inspiring Stories: The Canadian Association of Journalists 2017 Awards

These inspiring stories, and the talented journalists who tell them, play an important role in democracy today. They shine a light into the dark corners of a Canada we might be forgiven for thinking is

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Write a Self-Help Book

Stop Making These Five Mistakes When You Write a Self-help Book

There are several ways that your gut instinct as you write a self-help book will lead you astray. Especially if this is your first book.  It’s about telling a story and adding value to your readers’

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International Copyright

International Copyright: 4 Facts Indie Authors Need to Know (on #WorldIPDay)

As an author you should be aware of what you can and can’t do with your work. That means understanding copyright law in your home country as well as international copyright. This protects you from those

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Do You Know Your Nonfiction?

Do You Know Your Nonfiction? Understand the 6 Types Before You Write

Nonfiction – literary work based in fact – covers more than one genre. Understand the differences between these sub-genres to better direct your work as an author and flesh out its ultimate potential.

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