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nonfiction writing mistakes

6 Common Nonfiction Writing Mistakes Your Editor Will Catch, But You Should Stop Making

In the many manuscripts we assess and others we edit are common nonfiction writing mistakes. Yes, your editor can and will catch them, but you’ll become a better writer and you’ll get more value from

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nonfiction writing skills

The 7 Nonfiction Writing Skills That Will Instantly Make You a Better Author

These 7 nonfiction writing skills all boil down to a single issue that all nonfiction authors need to keep in mind: just because you are writing nonfiction doesn’t mean you are not writing a story.

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Work with your editor

Five Ways You Can Work With Your Editor Like A Pro Today

Your editor isn’t the bad guy you think they are. In most cases, the editor is just doing their job, and they want exactly what you want—to turn your manuscript into the best possible version of itself.

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Nine Essential Elements of Copyright Law in Australia

The concept and application of copyright law in Australia refers to more than simply owning a document, script, or manuscript, and having the right to copy or sell it. Copyright law in Australia provides

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Choosing A Self-publishing Partner: The Most Important Factor is Not What You Think

While most indie authors focus on the obvious aspects of choosing a self-publishing partner, such as the cost, services offered, the creative rights, and the terms and conditions of the contract, most

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How to Tap Into Indie Author Intuition When Hiring a Self-publishing Partner

Finding the right self-publishing partner can take time. Or it can be instant. What works for one person may not work for you. You may not be able to hop on Google and sign the first self-publishing partner

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Nonfiction Book Title Tips To Help You Self-publish Like a Pro

Coming up with a rockin’ good nonfiction book title is hard. Hard, and hard work. Your nonfiction book title will serve as its own marketing device, helping you sell. Or not. Which means choosing

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Nine Tips for Protecting Relationships When You Write Biography and Memoir

There has never been an author who didn’t worry about backlash from telling their story in the history of writing biography and memoir. It would be lovely to tell stories that were free of conflict and

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Yearning for Meaning, Follow Your Bliss: Guest Post

I listen to people for a living (as well as for fun—I’m lucky that way). They tell me things, like what’s really bugging them, or their dreams, or their fears. Some express wistful desires for a

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print on demand

Why Print on Demand is Crucial to Your Author Business

Print on demand, where your book isn’t printed until someone places an order, is crucial to the success of your author business. Time to market is fast, cost accompanies revenue, you have flexibility

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