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self-publishing for indie authors

Your Key to Success: Self-publishing for Indie Authors

At Ingenium Books, we believe in the value of self-publishing for indie authors. Still, we recognize it isn’t for everyone. To help you decide whether self-publishing might indeed be your key to

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7 Myths About Traditional Publishing

Seven Myths About Traditional Publishing

There are many lingering myths about traditional publishing. Many would-be published authors are blinded by the idea of an author advance, the possibility of getting into bookstores, and a bit of prestige.

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UK Copyright Law

UK Copyright Law for Indie Authors

If you’re an author in the UK, you can benefit by having a thorough understanding of UK copyright law and complementary issues, and how they apply to the works you produce.

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6 Facts About Canadian Copyright Law

Six Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian copyright law provides authors and other creators the exclusive right to produce, reproduce, publish, or perform a work, or any significant portion of a work. There’s a lot of legal gobbledygook

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Five Simple Microsoft Word Skills for the Indie Author

Five Simple Microsoft Word Skills for the Indie Author 

Today there are all kinds of technical, software and app options to help you plan, research and write your manuscript. But don’t forget about Microsoft Word just because it’s been around so long. It’s

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Your Nonfiction Business Book: Organize Content Around These Five Key Elements

When setting out to write a nonfiction business book, there is often a disconnect between the dream and the challenge of what, exactly, to write. Resolve this disconnect by thinking, planning, writing

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Indie author gift ideas

7 Super Cool Indie Author Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost You a Penny

If you have friend or family member who is an indie or aspiring author, we have some pretty good gift suggestions. Whether you’re looking for ideas for Christmas, if you celebrate, Hannukah, or for a

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Authors’ Original Content: Six Key Things to Know to Avoid a Lawsuit and Get Found by Google

The content you create as an author as you market your website, author services, and books) needs to compete with alot of other content. It needs to be engaging, interesting, capable of being indexed by

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Opinion: Paying for Author Services Does Not Equate to Vanity Publishing

There is a notion in certain circles that paying for author services means a self-published author is engaging in vanity publishing. Here’s why I disagree.

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Four Essential Writer Tools For Formatting eBooks

Formatting your precious manuscript into an ebook can be a daunting proposition. It can seem like you’re standing at the bottom of a very tall, steep mountain without so much as a backpack or bottle

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