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OOPS: Three Big Mistakes Indie Authors Make When Writing Their First Book

There are three big mistakes indie authors make when writing their first book. True, there’s so much to learn! Learn from the experiences of their seasoned pros – from their mistakes as well as

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As You Look for the Perfect Word: Writer’s Block or Writer’s Obsession?

Are you spending way too much time searching for that perfect word? Maybe you don’t have writer’s block, but writer’s obsession. Here’s why letting your ideas – and words –

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Indie Authors & U.S. Copyright Law

As an indie author, you need to understand how U.S. copyright law works, and what may and may not be copyrighted. Let’s take a look at six key concepts about U.S. copyright law that indie authors like

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Kitty Karma Cat Tales Fund Shelters for Abandoned, Unwanted Felines in Need

We’re proud of the great work being done by our client, Kitty Karma Books, to help improve the lives of cats and kittens around the world. Here is the news release announcing the project.

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Be Empowered Like Wonder Woman!

We’re a collective of female authors and coaches from across the globe united this September to help our fellow women be empowered to feel great, love themselves and rock their amazing lives, as

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Seven Crucial Tactics to Stay Motivated When Writing on a Schedule

There are always challenges involved with writing – regardless of your level of skill and experience. One of those challenges is how to stay motivated when writing on a schedule. The fact is: it takes

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Seven Proven Ways to Turn Your Book Into a Business

So you have big dreams to make it as a prolific nonfiction author. Your dreams include making a healthy living from the sale of books that are going to fly off the proverbial shelf, right? Wait just a

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Want to be Amazing at Giving Ghostwriter Interviews? Here’s How.

You’ve hired a ghostwriter for your business book. Now you need to figure out how to be amazing at your ghostwriter-author interviews. The quality of your book depends on it.

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Rock Your Business: 26 Essential Lessons to Plan, Run, and Grow Your New Business From the Ground Up

Ready to start a new business? Learn about defining your purpose, choosing a business structure, when to consult a lawyer, managing intellectual property, when and who to hire, cash flow tips, ditching

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Five Lies About Writing We All Fall For

Guest post from the venerable Nick Stephenson of Your First 10,000K ReadersLies we all believeTell me - what's the single WORST piece of advice you've ever received about writing or publishing? Over the

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