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We love to display the great work our authors produce. Imagine your name and your book in this list of books from Ingenium Books. 

Rock Your Business

26 Essential Lessons to Plan, Run, and Grow Your New Business From the Ground Up

If you’ve recently started a new business, or you’re planning on it, everything you need to know in order to Rock Your Business is right here. It’s like an MBA-in-a-box, without the tuition, school hours, or homework. In “Rock Your Business”, award-winning journalist Boni Wagner-Stafford and serial entrepreneur John Wagner-Stafford teach you things you can spend thousands of dollars to read about hypothetically in business school.

More about Rock Your Business on Amazon.

Unleash Culture

How to Design, Implement, and Sustain a Powerful Culture that Accelerates the Growth of Your Brand

David Reeve is a business culture consultant. His book shows you how to build a positive culture that drives growth. We focused on voice, audience, and tone, worked through a structural and copy edit, and formatted the book for both print and ebook.

More about Unleash Culture on Amazon.


How to Create a Relationship that Really Works

Lauren Clucas is a South African relationships counsellor. WANTED identifies allies and opponents that can prop up or destroy our relationships. We worked on structural editing, concept development, flow, tone, did a thorough copy edit and formatted WANTED for print and ebook.

More about WANTED on Amazon.

Let It Out

Train Your Voice to be Free...
Free Your Voice to be Trained...

John Newell is an author, singer and vocal coach. Let it Out is the singer’s handbook with a twist: John explains that improvement begins in the mind and follows the heart. John is a member of our editorial team as a writer, ghostwriter, editor and proofreader.

More about Let It Out on Amazon.


Find Financial Success & Never Feel Lost Again

Darren Coleman is a Canadian financial planner. Recalculating is a personal financial planning guide explained using trip planning analogies to demonstrate his ideas. We provided a structural edit, improved the content, flow, consistency, and grammar. We also formatted his manuscript for print and ebook publishing.

Books from Ingenium Books – coming soon

Learning for Change

Five Steps to Supercharge Online Training in the Knowledge-Driven Organization

If you are interested in employee training that results in changed behaviour when the learner returns to his/her job, Learning for Change is for you. Henrik J. Mondrup's book brings together research and practice to convert theoretical knowledge about online learning into useable tools for learning designers. Mondrup offers insight into the learner’s brain and explores various learning styles. Based on his expansive knowledge, he then outlines how to develop effective courses step-by-step; how to create the best content, set measurable learning goals, and which tools to use. ​
Coming soon.

The Trauma Trigger

How to Heal from Chronic Illness When your Past Makes You Sick

Boni Wagner-Stafford, co-founder of Ingenium Books, is author of the forthcoming book, The Trauma Trigger. Learn about the scientific confirmation of the connection between trauma and illness. Read personal real-life stories that reveal how the trauma and adversity we experience makes us sick. And learn how to move past the trauma to heal. 
Coming soon.

House Rich Cash Poor No More!

How to Use the Equity in your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom

David Rhodd is a Toronto, Canada-based mortgage broker, entrepreneur, trainer and wealth creator. House Rich Cash Poor? No More! (coming soon) reveals the power and possibility of becoming financially independent. We provided a structural edit, addressed tone, flow, audience, and grammar. We also formatted David’s book for print and ebook.
Coming soon.

The Fibromyalgia Breakthrough

Five Moves to Manage Pain & Overcome Fatigue Without Drugs

Boni Wagner-Stafford details her personal experience managing and then overcoming symptoms of fibromyalgia and lays out what worked for her in five steps. Today she is drug-free, largely pain and fatigue-free, thriving while living aboard her 40’ sailboat, Ingenium, with her husband John and their kitty cat Moko.
Coming soon.

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