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types of editing

How These 7 Types of Editing Will Make You a Better Author

how do you decide what kind of editing you and your book are ready for? Developmental editing? Substantive? Line editing or copy editing? And then there’s mechanical, production, and proofreading.

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Hire an Editor

Discover 10 Signs You Need To Hire An Editor Now

When you’re writing a book, having an editor helps you develop your book to the best version of itself. Some writers still think of editors mainly as grammar and spell checkers. In reality, when

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Write a Self-Help Book

Stop Making These Five Mistakes When You Write a Self-help Book

There are several ways that your gut instinct as you write a self-help book will lead you astray. Especially if this is your first book.  It’s about telling a story and adding value to your readers’

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nonfiction writing mistakes

6 Common Nonfiction Writing Mistakes Your Editor Will Catch, But You Should Stop Making

In the many manuscripts we assess and others we edit are common nonfiction writing mistakes. Yes, your editor can and will catch them, but you’ll become a better writer and you’ll get more value from

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nonfiction writing skills

The 7 Nonfiction Writing Skills That Will Instantly Make You a Better Author

These 7 nonfiction writing skills all boil down to a single issue that all nonfiction authors need to keep in mind: just because you are writing nonfiction doesn’t mean you are not writing a story.

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Work with your editor

Five Ways You Can Work With Your Editor Like A Pro Today

Your editor isn’t the bad guy you think they are. In most cases, the editor is just doing their job, and they want exactly what you want—to turn your manuscript into the best possible version of itself.

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7 Myths About Traditional Publishing

Seven Myths About Traditional Publishing

There are many lingering myths about traditional publishing. Many would-be published authors are blinded by the idea of an author advance, the possibility of getting into bookstores, and a bit of prestige.

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6 Facts About Canadian Copyright Law

Six Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian copyright law provides authors and other creators the exclusive right to produce, reproduce, publish, or perform a work, or any significant portion of a work. There’s a lot of legal gobbledygook

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Five Simple Microsoft Word Skills for the Indie Author

Five Simple Microsoft Word Skills for the Indie Author 

Today there are all kinds of technical, software and app options to help you plan, research and write your manuscript. But don’t forget about Microsoft Word just because it’s been around so long. It’s

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As You Look for the Perfect Word: Writer’s Block or Writer’s Obsession?

Are you spending way too much time searching for that perfect word? Maybe you don’t have writer’s block, but writer’s obsession. Here’s why letting your ideas – and words –

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