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nonfiction writing mistakes

6 Common Nonfiction Writing Mistakes Your Editor Will Catch, But You Should Stop Making

In the many manuscripts we assess and others we edit are common nonfiction writing mistakes. Yes, your editor can and will catch them, but you’ll become a better writer and you’ll get more value from

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nonfiction writing skills

The 7 Nonfiction Writing Skills That Will Instantly Make You a Better Author

These 7 nonfiction writing skills all boil down to a single issue that all nonfiction authors need to keep in mind: just because you are writing nonfiction doesn’t mean you are not writing a story.

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Nine Tips for Protecting Relationships When You Write Biography and Memoir

There has never been an author who didn’t worry about backlash from telling their story in the history of writing biography and memoir. It would be lovely to tell stories that were free of conflict and

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UK Copyright Law

UK Copyright Law for Indie Authors

If you’re an author in the UK, you can benefit by having a thorough understanding of UK copyright law and complementary issues, and how they apply to the works you produce.

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Indie Authors & U.S. Copyright Law

As an indie author, you need to understand how U.S. copyright law works, and what may and may not be copyrighted. Let’s take a look at six key concepts about U.S. copyright law that indie authors like

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Want to be Amazing at Giving Ghostwriter Interviews? Here’s How.

You’ve hired a ghostwriter for your business book. Now you need to figure out how to be amazing at your ghostwriter-author interviews. The quality of your book depends on it.

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The 7 Biggest Things to Understand About Self-publishing Today

You know you can do it. You’ve come this far, learned, created and built your business, or your reputation, or your client list. Now you’re ready to write a book, and there are things you want to

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What Everyone Should Know About Working With a Ghostwriter

If you're resistant to the idea of working with a ghostwriter, you're not alone. But ask yourself: do you change your own oil, balance your own tires, or butcher your own meat? You likely hire someone

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