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Boni is an author and our lead writer, ghostwriter and editor who has always been breathing life into language. She’s ghostwritten and/or edited for clients in the finance, business, and health & wellness niches. She has three forthcoming non-fiction books of her own: Start Strong, (co-authored with her husband John), The Trauma Trigger, and The Fibromyalgia Breakthrough.

As a former Canadian award-winning television reporter, news anchor, producer and talk show host, Boni (under the names Boni Fox and Boni Fox Gray – yes, there's a book in there) covered politics, government, health, tragedy, victory, aboriginal issues, crime, fires, floods, and extreme weather. She was also a senior strategic communications manager in government. Her editorial contributions to 5 consecutive Ontario budget documents was capped in 2008 when she was managing editor. She also played key editorial management roles in several public reports including a tourism competitiveness study and Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors.

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