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Coming Soon: A Hummingbird and A Harley: Our Life, His Death, and My Search for Truth

by author Denise Collins

In A Hummingbird and A Harley, author Denise Collins, MSc., BSc. (Hons), a therapist, coach, and trainer, writes about her struggles to deal with the aftermath of her husband's suicide.
Had he been depressed? Was he in debt? Had he received a terminal health diagnosis? What didn't she know? 

Nine days after being prescribed medication that was supposed to help him sleep, John Collins stepped onto train tracks and was killed by a 100-mile-an-hour commuter train. What Denise discovers is that John, her husband of thirty-three years, isn't the only person to develop and then act on violent self-harm and suicide ideation in the first two weeks of taking prescription drugs. She realises that while we have become increasingly reliant on pharmaceutical interventions which prevent us from feeling the full force of our emotions, we have become less adept at understanding — and accepting — that intense emotions are a normal part of the human experience, and that the pharmaceutical interventions many turn to may harm rather than help.

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We're in the midst of an epidemic of demand for quick fixes to what are otherwise normal, if painful, human emotions, a medical system ill equipped to help us cope better, and a pharmaceutical industry profiting from sales of anti-depressants. In addition to navigating an ocean of grief and loss, Denise grapples with two questions:

Could John's death have been prevented?

Could others be saved from the same heartbreaking fate?

Stay tuned for more news on a publish and launch date for A Hummingbird and A Harley 

Denise Collins, Msc., Bsc

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Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Psychological therapist. Coach and trainer. Crazy dog lady. 

Denise Collins has been described by others as, amazing, inspiring, knowledgeable, authentic, and deeply passionate. She describes herself as melancholic, slightly overweight, working class, with dubious dress sense, and an unhealthy love of red wine.

After struggling through school, finding herself a single parent living on state welfare benefits by age twenty-one, Denise discovered she loved to learn if taught the right way. That’s how she gained a 2.1 undergraduate honours degree and then a masters degree in coaching psychology. 

Author Denise Collins is founder and principal of The Hummingbird Effect, offering therapy and coaching to clients privately and within organisations. She designs and delivers training programs and facilitates groups for self funding participants and within corporate and third sector settings. 

She was married to her best friend John for thirty-three years, until his suicide in 2018. Protection Status