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Once you've written and reviewed your manuscript, you’ll want your number one priority to be engaging a professional to edit and then proofread your book. You want your manuscript, and your book, to be recognized for its quality content. So do we. Cutting out the professional edit and proofread steps is like putting snow tires on your car and then leaving the lug nuts off. It will save a bit of money on the front end, but you’re just a wreck waiting to happen.

When you submit your manuscript to Ingenium Books, we provide an assessment of the work that needs to be done to ensure you have the best book product possible. And we provide a quote should you wish to engage Ingenium Books to edit your book.​

You may want one or more of the following:

Manuscript Assessment

A written report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, style of writing, voice, tone, flow, and recommendations to improve. We can provide a standalone manuscript assessment so you know where you're starting from. It is also included in our structural edit package.

Structural editing

Reorganizing to improve flow for reading enjoyment and enhanced reader understanding, clarifying to remove jargon, some rewriting if necessary. Does not usually include research, writing of new material or reworking tables and graphics, unless otherwise specified.

Copy editing

Mechanics of style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, headings, table content and format, lists, references.


Using new research and content you supply, we can create a new manuscript, or sections of a new manuscript. (For research and creation of brand new content, see ghostwriting.)


A detailed human (as in non-automated) review for typos, errors, style, tense, or other problems not caught by or arising from the editing phase.

We generally follow the Chicago Manual of Style, however we can also adhere to AP (Associated Press), APA (American Psychological Association), AMA Manual of Style (American Medical Association) style guides or any other that your specific project requires.

Full disclosure: we are fans of the Oxford (or Harvard, you pick) serial comma. When it makes sense. 

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