September 7

Be Empowered Like Wonder Woman!


Be Empowered Like Wonder Woman!

We’re a collective of female authors and coaches from across the globe united this September to help our fellow women be empowered to feel great, love themselves and rock their amazing lives, as the ‘Wonder Women’ they truly are…

So for the month we’re offering a chance to win five personal development books designed to empower, guide and inspire you to improve your health, happiness, career and relationships  — plus a 3 month fitness and wellness coaching programme! 

Every entrant will also receive 6 inspirational books straight to their email box as a gift… three lucky women will be drawn to win the five books described above. 

To find out more about the prizes, freebies, authors and to enter to win – CLICK HERE 

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About the Author

Boni is co-founder of Ingenium Books. She's author of One Million Readers: The Definitive Guide to a Nonfiction Book Marketing Strategy that Saves Time, Money, and Sells More Books.Boni is an author coach, editor, and ghostwriter. As an award-winning former Canadian television reporter, news anchor, producer, and talk show host, working under the names Boni Fox and Boni Fox Gray (it's a long story), Boni covered politics, government, the economy, health, First Nations, and crime. She won several Canadian Association of Broadcaster (CAB) awards and a Jack Webster Award for best documentary. Boni also held senior management roles in government, leading teams responsible for editorial, issues management, media relations, and strategic communications planning. Boni is co-author of Rock Your Business: 26 Essential Lessons to Start, Run, and Grow Your New Business From the Ground Up and, like any good author, has several books in progress.

Boni Wagner-Stafford

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