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Does Ingenium Books take a percentage of royalties from the sale of my book?

Under normal circumstances, no. You retain all your royalties. You only pay Ingenium Books for the author services you want us to provide. Our standard contracts stipulate that we work with you on a fee-for-service basis to get your book written, edited, designed, formatted, published and promoted. If you choose a package that includes being represented by Ingenium Books as your publisher, and we accept your book, there is a small administration setup and maintenance fee to cover our costs in flowing through royalties from your book sales. Some authors request that we consider a custom publishing contract that includes a royalty split, and we entertain those requests on a case by case basis.

Who owns the copyright of my work, me or Ingenium Books?

You retain all rights to your work in perpetuity. Ingenium Books will not have any right to ownership of your work. There are some circumstances where an author may request that Ingenium Books hold the copyright, for example, in countries or jurisdictions where the author has no interest. This scenario is the exception rather than the rule.

What’s covered in the Ingenium Books’ client agreement?

Our legal service agreements cover copyright, payment schedules, terms, statement of work including deliverables and timelines, and, if your book qualifies to be published under the Ingenium Books banner, our agreement will cover sales reporting and distribution of your royalty payments.

If I want Ingenium Books to be listed as my publisher, what criteria must I meet?

Publishing with Ingenium Books is included in our Max 150 package and it can also be negotiated as an add-on to any of the others and a la carte. If would like to be represented by Ingenium Books as publisher, you may make a special request. If your book project is approved, there will be a small fee. If you choose to have Ingenium Books manage the uploading and setup of your book on your choice of distribution platforms (e.g. Amazon, Ingram Spark, etcetera) there is a nominal one-time setup fee and a small monthly administration fee as long as your book is available for sale.

What is an ISBN number and why does my book need one?

An ISBN, or international standard book number, is a unique identifier used by booksellers, libraries and government agencies around the world to identify books. The ISBN also identifies the publisher of the book. You only need an ISBN if you have plans to sell your book in retail stores or through online channels like Amazon and to make it available to libraries.

What is the benefit of using Ingenium Books as my publisher, rather than simply self-publishing?

Using Ingenium Books as your publisher, if you qualify, means you’ll have an ISBN, and your audience will see you’re supported by a publisher which helps add credibility in the eyes of some who may still look upon self-publishing as the domain of lesser quality. Your book will also earn a spot on Ingenium Books’ feature books roll on our website, which helps boost visibility and SEO ranking.

Will publishing my book with Ingenium Books make me famous?

Sorry, no. Simply writing, producing and publishing a book is no guarantee you’ll become an overnight sensation. Marketing self-published books in the indie book space is critically important. How much your marketing budget is, how effective you are with marketing, how many books you’ve published and whether you already have a strong and loyal following all influence your book’s success.

Why might I need a ghostwriter?

There are many reasons people want or need to work with a ghostwriter. Perhaps you are busy and don’t have the time to write yourself. A ghostwriter can bring writing skills, project management, and sometimes additional subject matter expertise. A ghostwriter adds an objective voice of experience to help you develop your idea. Regardless, you have an idea and you have a story to tell. Working with a ghostwriter means you’re doing what it takes to make it happen.

How do I work with a ghostwriter?

Great question! We’ve written a blog on just this topic.

Why do I need a professional editor/proofreader for my manuscript?

If you want to give yourself the best chance of hitting bestseller status, the single most important thing you can do is hire a great editor. A professional editor can offer advice on the optimal flow of the book, which means making the story come alive (yes, even nonfiction has story), point out spots where details or facts may be missing. A proofreader will point out where you’re mixing tense, second and third person, for example, suggest alternative wording for clarification, and check for any grammatical errors or typos.

How long will it take for Ingenium Books to ghostwrite/edit/proofread/design/format my book?

There are many factors to consider when discussing timelines. How long our work takes depends on several things: • what services your book project needs • what shape your manuscript is in when you come to us • your own sense of urgency around project completion. We offer 90-day and 150-day turnaround packages designed to suit your circumstances and level of self-publishing support. Check out our pricing page for more details. Our purpose is to help you professionally self-publish with expertise you can trust. Sometimes great quality takes time. Sometimes we are able to bring all our internal resources to bear and move you through to published book in a matter of weeks. Self publishing is not easy. Traditional publishing houses take six months to a year to release a book, and that’s after the manuscript is complete! There’s a good reason for this: it takes a lot of work to edit, format, develop the marketing plan, design a cover, test and then produce a book.

Where is Ingenium Books located?

Ingenium Books is a division of 2GreatGuys Inc., a Canadian corporation headquartered in Vancouver. But the spirit of and people behind Ingenium Books is global: founders Boni and John live and work on their sailboat and could be anywhere; we also have team members from Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico, Australia, the USA and Italy. We’re ready to serve you wherever in the world we – or you – are today.

How will I meet with my ghostwriter/editorial lead at Ingenium Books?

Technology is a wonderful thing. You’ll meet with your editorial lead at your convenience and whichever way suits you best. In-person meetings will be covered in a video call. Telephone calls are easy. Zoom makes it easy for us to share our screens. Skype is nearly universal – and everybody has email.

What software does Ingenium Books work with when ghostwriting, editing or proofreading manuscripts?

We let each project dictate its software. For many of our ghostwriting projects we use Scrivener. Microsoft Word is a common format we use to receive manuscripts. Google Docs is also a great solution that works well regardless of your choice in computer platform with cloud access and security.

How can I trust that my information and my book idea is safe with Ingenium books? (NDA)

Remember our client service agreement? It contains clauses designed to commit both parties to maintain confidentiality. In some specific cases, we may each sign a separate non-disclosure agreement. Our trustworthiness is our most important asset: we would not last long, nor would we deserve to, were we to carelessly share valuable intellectual property related to your book.

What other books has Ingenium Books worked on?

Many of our previous books can be viewed on the books page of our website. Others will never appear there because our service to the author involved ghosting. Their secret is safe with us. Yours will be too.