Ingenium Books’ Group Author Coaching

With Boni Wagner-Stafford

You want to write your nonfiction book. Whether it’s a memoir, a business book, a self-help book, or another sub-genre of nonfiction, you know in your bones this is something you want to get done.

Next session begins July 15th, 2024

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Ingenium Books’ Group Author Coaching

With Boni Wagner-Stafford

You want to write your nonfiction book. Whether it’s a memoir, or a business book, or a self-help book, or something else, you know in your bones this is something you want to get done.

You also know that writing a book is hard. It’s hard to schedule writing time. It's hard to write well. The introspection required is—hard. If it wasn’t hard, everybody would do it!

At Ingenium Books we know what it takes.

We know that authors who engage with professional help are more likely to finish writing the book. 

We also know that authors who engage with professional help during the writing are more likely to publish a GOOD book.

We’ve worked with more than two dozen authors who were starting from scratch - meaning they had very little written - with only a burning desire to get it done. 

We’ve developed a method for coaching authors through the idea, planning, & writing phases. It works. And for the first time we are opening our process to a small group of likeminded aspiring authors to make author coaching more accessible and affordable than individual coaching, but still offer the promise of the same results.

Ingenium Books Group

Author Coaching is for you if:

  • You have a solid idea for the book you want to write
  • You’ve tried to get it written on your own, without professional help, but keep getting stuck
  • You want to learn key writing skills and approaches while you’re writing
  • You want help creating a structure and an outline for your book
  • You want writing accountability and someone to help you set deadlines
  • You’d like to get some feedback on your writing as you make progress, without having to wait until you’ve got a full manuscript

Stories matter...including YOUR story.

It’s not confidence or skill that helps people write their stories, it's desire and determination. And the recognition that getting professional help dramatically increases your chances of success.

What our authors are saying about working with Ingenium Books

"Working with Boni (at Ingenium Books) is a game changer. Boni’s expertise, insights, and experience created a final product which became an educational read. I highly recommend working with Ingenium Books and Boni Wagner-Stafford. Boni listens and she gets it. Helping you tell your story is her gift.”

Dana Frank

Author of "Get Up and Get On It" 

"If I were able to give stars, Ingenium Books would receive five. Boni Wagner-Stafford developed my idea and guided me step by step in the rewrite. She edited and fine-tuned the prose. John Wagner-Stafford helped with my ongoing technical computer issues. The result is Flying with Dadand I am intensely proud of what I now hold in my hands."

Yvonne Caputo

Author of Flying with Dad

"We had the impossible tasks of simultaneously running a crowdfunding campaign, the editorial development and production of a 25-story anthology about cats. With a clear, concise strategy, Ingenium Books got us across the finish line in just under four months."

Wai-Lin Terry 

Author, publisher of Kitty Karma Books

"From the first video call, I knew you were the right partners for me. Your leadership through the process, guidance, teaching, and recommendations
made me feel supported and pushed in the best possible way."

Lisa King

Author of Just Do You

"You went way beyond what I was expecting. I'm patting myself on the back for trusting my gut instinct from our first call. You helped take my book from good to great."

Jamie Sussel-Turner

Author of Less Stress Life

"Do YOU have a dream receiving endorsements from Harvard University, Stanford University, and others, because your book is GREAT!? I had  -and thanks to Ingenium Books - my dream came true".

Henrik J. Mondrup

Author of Achieving Change

"When you write a book, you need a power team. Put Ingenium Books on the top of your list. Trust me, you will be glad you did. They guided me through the entire process, gave me thoughtful insights, made changes to my writing when and where necessary and kept my spirits high. They care, they are very good at what they do and have become friends. Get them on your team"

David Reeve

Author of Unleash Culture

About the Ingenium Books’ Group Author Coaching Program

Six-month commitment.

Bi-Weekly live Zoom calls

Each session will include a presentation topic, round table sharing, writing assignments & accountability

Review & feedback on 1000 words every 2 weeks

What do you need?

A clear idea and topic for your nonfiction book

A desire to get your book started and done

A recognition that you’ll get further with the benefits of professional help

An ability to commit to meet live for one hour every two weeks PLUS another two to three hours of writing time each week during the program

Author Investment

Author Investment

If your manuscript is accepted after the submission review process, your investment is $6900, usually in four equal monthly payments.

You are ready to invest in yourself, in your dream and you are serious about writing this book. For only $250 CAD per month, for six months, you will be well on your way to writing and publishing your book. 

  • Maximum: Six authors per group session
  • Start date: July 15th, 2024


for 6 months

*prices in CAD

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