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Whether he’s working with a third-world non-profit organization that’s trying to improve the quality of life for the orphaned children in its care, or a multi-national corporation that’s trying to change workplace practices and improve overall productivity, Mondrup facilitates achieving change through design of online courses that incorporate socialization with the latest learning theories and technology tools.

The impact is powerful and the resulting change is lasting and meaningful. 

Mondrup is a sought-after international speaker, having presented at conferences and events across North America and Europe and hosted by organizations such as Harvard University and MIT, Rotary International, the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, universities and more. He has a BS in Education Science and a MS in IT and Learning from Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Other than biking, being “hygge,” and picking apples with his dad in his garden, there’s nothing Henrik J. Mondrup likes better than working on his life’s goal: improving people's lives through digital education and achieving change.

Learn more about Henrik at henrikjm.com.

The Problem

Advancing technology has increased demands for many of the skills required in most jobs in the knowledge economy. Over and above the skills an employee needs in the direct performance of their role, they also need other, more broadly-applicable skills just to stay competitive in their current role, and yet others if they have any hope of advancing. There is also a premium placed on flexibility.

Not every worker in every company around the world has the same access to on-the-job training and education. 

Corporations are investing more and more on employee education because they understand it helps them compete in the global knowledge economy.


The Solution:

In Achieving Change, author, educator, speaker, and technology expert Henrik J. Mondrup shows workplace educators a new and powerful method to achieve real results through digital learning.  

Mondrup’s proven process will help you create powerful digital courses and content learners will remember and adopt. He developed his Achieving Change process by combining his extensive research into brain science and learning theory with hands-on experience collaborating with high profile and globally-acknowledged organizations.

Achieving Change 

A practical guide for creating digital courses for workplace learning

The secret to training workers so they apply their new knowledge and skills on the job.


  • Learn about incorporating ethos, pathos, and logos to establish credibility, engage in storytelling, and include facts.
  • How to create content for all types of learners and learning styles
  • Why leveraging learning theory and technology can help you save time and money
  • How to use social learning as a means to leading change by building skills and competencies 
  • How to incorporate experiential learning that helps the learner translate the theoretical into the practical
  • Tips on writing scripts, shooting great course video, and recording professional-quality audio
  • How to motivate the learner by highlighting the results they'll be able to achieve

In Achieving Change:

...learn how to create a digital learning experience that enables learners to analyse, evaluate, apply, and create. These are the course design secrets that have created significant results for industry leaders and universities. You'll develop an empowered mindset and become a digital learning expert yourself.

Henrik is at the forefront of a new wave of practitioners, exploring how to create
impactful learning for a new generation in the workplace… a must-read for
faculty, HR, and the learning industry as a whole.

Carl Dawson 
Co-founder of Construct

Achieving Change… delivers a well-argued pragmatic approach, enabling you
not ‘to cause learning’, but actual change. 

Kristoffer Lolk Fjeldsted 
Digital learning lead, LEO Pharma

…a compelling learner-centered approach to building effective and well-crafted
online courses that incorporates how the brain learns with research-driven
instructions on how to engage your learners.

Monica Diaz 
Course operations specialist, Stanford University

Coming soon in eBook, paperback, and audiobook. 

Schedule Henrik to come speak to your group. Visit henrikjm.com. 

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