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Offering fee-for-service indie publishing services. We plan, write, edit and publish serious, professional nonfiction books.

We are not a traditional publishing house that will pay you a teeny advance and then keep 90 percent – or more – of your royalties (from book sales). Nope. We're an indie publishing house focusing on nonfiction. And we're different.

You keep the royalties and the rights


You keep 100 per cent of the royalties you earn from the sale of your book.  We may recommend a retail pricing strategy if you choose to engage us to prepare your author marketing plan, but you always keep full control and responsibility for your pricing, sales, and royalties. 

Imprint & ISBN

If you qualify for use of the Ingenium Books publisher imprint, you may choose to have us manage distribution of your book via our publisher platforms. This is a lot easier than doing it yourself with many formats and multiple platforms. We still don't take your royalties, just a set-up and monthly admin fee. 


It's yours. You retain the copyright and all intellectual property rights to your book. Once we're done, you get all the files of the finished product and, if we've ghostwritten for you, we assign in writing all copyright for the work to you. 

Dot the 'i's, cross the 't's

We back up our claims with detailed contracts so you know exactly where you stand. When it's something as important as your book, we believe in signing non-disclosure, master, and project-specific agreements. Ours are in regular font, not fine print. 

An author’s journey is often solitary. With Ingenium Books it doesn’t have to be.

We always start with a one-on-one consultation, where we'll talk about your book idea, your business, your goals, and exactly where you are on your author journey. And you know what? For a limited time, you can get yours FREE!

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