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Podcasts, broadcasts, and other types of media where you can watch, listen to or read Boni Wagner-Stafford of Ingenium Books discussing aspects of self-publishing, independent publishing, and the delightful characteristics of nonfiction. 

The Rebel Author Podcast

Marketing your book doesn't have to be hard. You just need a plan.

Learn how to create a strategic marketing plan with @IngeniumBooks @sacha_black

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Fiction & Nonfiction Podcast, Sept 17, 2019

Orna Ross, Adam Croft, and Boni Wagner-Stafford discuss the similarities, differences, and key elements in your book blurbs.

What must every indie author include in their blurb? What should they never include? What are the differences between fiction versus nonfiction book blurbs?

Tune in for this session on book blurb best practices.

Fiction & Nonfiction Podcast, Aug 14, 2019

In the first of ALLi's new show comparing fiction and nonfiction, Orna Ross, Adam Croft, and Boni Wagner-Stafford discuss when you should brand the author versus  the book or book series. What factors do you want to take into account?

And what about pen names? Should you have one? Or more than one? What are the implications? Tune in for this session on branding best practice. Protection Status