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Podcasts, broadcasts, video, and other types of media where you can watch, listen to, or read Ingenium Books and/or our authors discussing aspects of independent publishing, writing, and the delightful characteristics of nonfiction. 


Who Are You Writing For? 

Who is your ideal reader? How do you identify them? What do you need to know about them to write and publish a great nonfiction book?

Join Boni and John Wagner-Stafford of Ingenium Books for this how-to session.

Why Your WHY Comes First When Writing Nonfiction  

Why is your WHY is the first thing to sort out when you’re thinking about writing a nonfiction book? Join Boni and John from Ingenium Books as they explain and discuss.

Is knowing your WHY more important when writing nonfiction than fiction? How does your WHY influence and inform the writing, publishing, and marketing of your book?


Our guests are Boni and John Wagner-Stafford, co-founders of Ingenium Books, a hybrid publishing company – an alternative to both traditional publishing and self-publishing. After downsizing their lives, and packing up all their belongings, they left Canada with 4 suitcases, their 2 cats, and a guitar. Since then, Boni and John have been running their business while also traveling and living the life they want to live.

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Marketing your book doesn't have to be hard. You just need a plan.

Learn how to create a strategic marketing plan with @IngeniumBooks @sacha_black

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Fiction & Nonfiction Podcast, Sept 17, 2019

Orna Ross, Adam Croft, and Boni Wagner-Stafford discuss the similarities, differences, and key elements in your book blurbs.

What must every indie author include in their blurb? What should they never include? What are the differences between fiction versus nonfiction book blurbs?

Fiction & Nonfiction Podcast, Aug 14, 2019

In the first of ALLi's new show comparing fiction and nonfiction, Orna Ross, Adam Croft, and Boni Wagner-Stafford discuss when you should brand the author versus  the book or book series. What factors do you want to take into account?

And what about pen names? Should you have one? Or more than one? What are the implications? Tune in for this session on branding best practice.

Guest Articles

Writing Nonfiction

How to Write a Nonfiction Book: A Step-by-Step Guide for Authors

Most writers will tell you that writing nonfiction is easier than writing fiction. This is the good news. The less good news: that doesn’t mean it’s less work to write a nonfiction book. While fiction writers often use a basic outline and then go wherever the story and characters take them, nonfiction takes careful planning before you even start writing. To get you started, these steps explain the basic process of how to write a nonfiction book.

Book Marketing

Book Marketing: Engineer Your Book Launch Success With A DIY Strategy

When it comes to selling books, authors have two choices: hire someone to help or apply a do-it-yourself approach. As Boni Wagner-Stafford outlines in this post, there are several reasons why doing our own book marketing is worth the extra effort.

Book Marketing

Engineer Success with a Good Marketing Strategy

Time and time again we hear from authors who cringe at the idea of marketing their books. This is often because they don’t know where to start. In today’s post, Boni Wagner-Stafford explains how to come up with a good book marketing strategy–and why you should do it yourself. Have a read. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

Writing Nonfiction

Writing Tips: 7 Mistakes First-Time Nonfiction Authors Make

Writing a non-fiction book can be life-changing for you – and also for your readers. So you want your book to be the best it can possibly be.

In this article, Boni Wagner-Stafford of Ingenium Books explains some of the mistakes that new non-fiction writers make – and how to avoid them. Protection Status