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Our ingenious process:



Inquire. Our first step with every Ingenium Books client, whether you're with us in Max 150 or a la carte service, is to inquire about you, your goals and objectives, and your book project.  


Needs assessment. We determine exactly what you need to get your book where you want it to be. Every author has unique needs, even when choosing the same author package, for example.


Gather. We gather our signed service agreements, information, research and the right team members – hand picked just for you – so we have everything we need to get started. 


Engage. We engage with you in detail around the content of your project. This may involve setting a schedule for a series of interviews, where we record and transcribe your responses. 


Notation. Next comes notation of our approach, or an outline with key points to be included in your book. This gives us both transparency on what we're aiming to produce, an early point of feedback, and a structure for moving forward.


Initiate. We initiate the writing/editing process, depending on what you're engaging us for. Using everything we've collected so far we write/edit your serious nonfiction project to set you up for author success. 


Unlock. We unlock the potential in your project. It's your author marketing plan, or it's the presentation quality of your book/project, it's ensuring you have what you need from us to take your book/project to the next step.


Make public. Of course it depends on exactly what you've hired us to help you do. Often, though, we carry your book right through to the publishing stage, where we make it public for your adoring readers and fans. 

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- David Reeve, Unleash Culture