Are You an Inspired Author?

The Inspired Author Initiative is an author coaching program complete with editing, design, publishing, and marketing support. 

  • Unsure how to translate your idea into a good book?
  • Want to publish a book that delivers on your business goals?
  • Confused or overwhelmed by the steep learning curve that is independent publishing?
  • No clue how to get your book started....or finished?
  • Like the idea of ongoing coaching, support and accountability?

We address and solve these problems for you by providing everything you need to plan, write, publish, and market your book. All within 12 to 18 months.

You'll write your own book, but you won’t be on your own.


The experience of writing this book has been so much fun! Boni and John are invested in the success of our book because they believe in the story we have to tell."

-  Gayle Eastman, Author of the forthcoming memoir, Love You Always 

Inspired Author Initiative

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Here's what your experience will be as an Inspired Author.

1. Ideation, Book and Project Planning.

Your Inspired Author creative journey begins with ideation, book and project planning. These are virtual video meetings, led by our editorial team, held over two to three consecutive days to kick off the initiative. We’ll explore your book idea further, identify who your target reader is, talk about purpose and goals and objectives, and how the book will both support and drive the business you want to generate from it. We'll work together to develop an outline for the manuscript and a project plan that includes your writing schedule.

2. You Start Writing

You'll start the writing process, using the outline and project plan we created during the ideation and planning phase. You'll have up to twelve months to complete your manuscript (and we'll publish six months after that). You'll be paired with an accountability ally to help keep you on track with your writing schedule and to create a well-structured manuscript on your timeline..

3. Editorial Check-Ins

You'll have regular calls, either one-on-one or group, with a member of our editorial team. You'll be able to talk about progress, ask questions, and receive moral support...all to keep your book moving forward. You'll benefit from tips and resources around writing skills. 

4. Marketing Resources

You'll receive a free copy of our book, One Million Readers, along with exclusive access to a pre-recorded webinar. Once you've finished your draft manuscript, we'll talk about and guide you through your marketing planning.

5. Editing

While you're working on your marketing plan (with our guidance) we’re editing the manuscript. You'll be engaged in the process throughout. We also proofread the edited manuscript to make sure it is up to the highest standards and conforms with the appropriate style guide.

6. Publishing & Distribution

We design your cover and interior and prepare all files for hardcover, paperback, and ebook. We manage all the publishing details, from obtaining the ISBN number to the inclusion of your book on our website listings. We'll also walk you through the set-up of your distributor accounts such as on Amazon and Ingram Spark, which provides access to 39,000 bookstores and online retailers around the world. We help you create your Amazon author page and write your book description.

7. Royalties

You own 100% of all the royalties from the sale of your book.

We don't take a penny. 

8. 40 Free Copies

As an Inspired Author you'll receive 40 free copies of your completed paperback book. Of course you can order as many paperback or hardcover copies as you wish, at cost. Print on demand means you can order books – either through KDP or Ingram Spark – and you'll pay only printing and shipping (per Amazon and Ingram Spark terms and conditions, Ingenium Books does not get involved in this part).


The Inspired Author Initiative from Ingenium Books 

$7.8k* total

*all prices in USD, based on manuscripts up to 40,000 words

2019 Intake Dates

Ingenium Books offers two intake periods per year for the Inspired Author. We are currently accepting applications for the following sessions: 

  • 1
    September 26 - 29, 2019 
  • 2
    February 20 - 23, 2020
  • 3
    May 8 - 10, 2020 

There are limited seats available for each session, so begin your application process now if you hope to secure a spot! 

David Reeve Author

The guidance, knowledge, patience, thoughtful suggestions and quality of work made such a huge difference in the way my book turned out.

-  David Reeve, Author of Unleash Culture

Ingenium Guarantees

Authors we choose to work with trust us

with their creative, emotional, brand, and brain power. 

We earn that trust through the Ingenium guarantees.

Inspire With Integrity

We will not let you publish a book that is not up to your potential

or to professional publishing standards. Sometimes our feedback may make you uncomfortable, but we'll always help you make your book better.

Our Best Advice

We will always give you our best advice to to keep you aligned

with your goals and objectives. Sometimes you may not agree.
That’s okay. It’s your book, and the final decision will always be yours.

Your Ideas

Your book will present your ideas, in your own words, and your own voice.

Even when we’re ghostwriting, we do so in a way that produces a book

that is irrefutably, undeniably, yours.

Committed to Success

We will never publish it and forget it.
We include marketing in all our processes 

because we are as committed as you are to success for your book.


We will not waste your time — or ours — by accepting a book project

that we do not believe has the potential to help others. 

If you’re accepted, it’s because we believe in your book idea.

IBP Long Line of Books
Lauren Clucas

I would recommend Ingenium Books to any seasoned or first-time author as not only will you have an authentic professional by your side, you are bound to come away with a friend who truly cares about your work.

- Lauren Clucas, Author of Wanted: How To Create a Relationship That Really Works

You. Your Book. Now.

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