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Kitty Karma Book Signing: You’re Invited!


Kitty Karma Book Signing: You’re Invited!

It’s the Kitty Karma book signing in Toronto, and you’re invited! If you love books, and you love cats, and you love books about cats… then you really must join us Thursday May 31, 2018. Check out the book details on Amazon here: Kitty Karma: Big Stories of Small Cats Who Change Our Lives.

For a bit of background on the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign Ingenium Books helped manage, check out this blog post. If your heart strings need a bit of exercise, you can still view the video we created for that Indiegogo campaign here. You’ll find out that net proceeds from sales of the book are being donated to Il Gattaro d’Aleppo (Cat Man of Aleppo), Abay Kitties on the Big Island of Hawaii, and Whangamata CAT in New Zealand. 

This anthology of cat stories from around the world has been a tremendously rewarding project to work on, and I’m delighted to be able to attend the Kitty Karma book signing as one of the three editors and one of the nearly two dozen authors. 

See you there! 

Kitty Karma: Big Stories of Small Cats Who Change Our Lives is a selection of uplifting and thought-provoking cat-themed tales. Written by award-winning authors, journalists, cat rescuers, animal communicators, and cat parents, it will warm the heart of anyone who has ever been owned by a cat. 

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Boni is co-founder of Ingenium Books. She's author of One Million Readers: The Definitive Guide to a Nonfiction Book Marketing Strategy that Saves Time, Money, and Sells More Books.Boni is an author coach, editor, and ghostwriter. As an award-winning former Canadian television reporter, news anchor, producer, and talk show host, working under the names Boni Fox and Boni Fox Gray (it's a long story), Boni covered politics, government, the economy, health, First Nations, and crime. She won several Canadian Association of Broadcaster (CAB) awards and a Jack Webster Award for best documentary. Boni also held senior management roles in government, leading teams responsible for editorial, issues management, media relations, and strategic communications planning. Boni is co-author of Rock Your Business: 26 Essential Lessons to Start, Run, and Grow Your New Business From the Ground Up and, like any good author, has several books in progress.

Boni Wagner-Stafford

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