The book launch marketing initiative with everything you need for real results.

Never agonize over book launch marketing again.

Ingenium's Launch Marketing Initiative

Working with you to create and deliver a launch marketing campaign for your book.

1. Bestseller Review Campaign

Amazon launch-week promotion campaign designed to get your book climbing the bestseller rank and gaining verified customer reviews. 

2. Editorial Reviews

Editorial reviews you can use for puff quotes, back cover, inside front cover, sales page copy and promotional materials. 

3. Pre-launch Announcement Emails

Impress those in your personal and professional networks with pre-launch announcement emails promoting your book launch and related events. 

4. Media Release

Book launch media release plus strategic options and advice on the right balance  between targeted and broad distribution approaches.

5. Podcast and Blogger Outreach

Connect with podcasters and bloggers who can help you reach hundreds of thousands of people looking for your book.

6. Printable Promo Materials 

Book cards, bookmarks, brochures, postcards, designed incorporating your book cover and other branding contents. Just submit to your local printer and you're a walking promotion for your book!

7. Social Media

Social media messages and images along with a recommended sharing and promotion schedule. You'll share, we'll share, we'll all share. 

8. Marketing Resources

You'll receive our handy book launch marketing checklist as well as a copy of our book, How to Create Your Book Marketing Strategy. 


The Book Launch Marketing Initiative from Ingenium Books 

 $3.3k / mo 

$9.9k total

(Not all authors or books accepted. Complete your application form to begin the acceptance process and see if your book is a fit.)

Jamie Sussel Turner

You went way beyond what I was expecting and I'm so very grateful for your help.

-  Jamie Sussel Turner, Author of Less Stress Life

Ingenium Guarantees

Authors we choose to work with trust us

with their creative, emotional, brand, and brain power. 

We earn that trust through the Ingenium guarantees.

Inspire With Integrity

We will not let you publish a book that is not up to your potential

or to professional publishing standards. Sometimes our feedback may make you uncomfortable, but we'll always help you make your book better.

Our Best Advice

We will always give you our best advice to to keep you aligned

with your goals and objectives. Sometimes you may not agree.
That’s okay. It’s your book, and the final decision will always be yours.

Your Ideas

Your book will present your ideas, in your own words, and your own voice.

Even when we’re ghostwriting, we do so in a way that produces a book

that is irrefutably, undeniably, yours.

Committed to Success

We will never publish it and forget it.
We include marketing in all our processes 

because we are as committed as you are to success for your book.


We will not waste your time — or ours — by accepting a book project

that we do not believe has the potential to help others. 

If you’re accepted, it’s because we believe in your book idea.

IBP Long Line of Books
Henrik Mondrup

I strongly recommend Ingenium Books and will rate them as the best I've worked with!

- Henrik Mondrup, author of Achieving Change 

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