October 5


ONE Thing You Should Do For Your Indie Author Career

By Boni Wagner-Stafford

October 5, 2018

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We're talking about one big, free, online thing you can do that will help you with your indie author career, regardless whether you're a newbie, veteran, romance or nonfiction author. It's signing up for and taking in the sessions on offer at the Self-Publishing Advice Conference (#SELFPUBCON) 2018.


#SELFPUBCON is an ONLINE and FREE event for Indie Authors, presented by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). ALLi brings together the most up-to-date self-publishing education and information available and broadcasts it to authors everywhere. It's an essential conference for those serious about their indie author career.

SELFPUBCON is attached to the major global publishing fairs. It occurs once in the Spring alongside London Book Fair, and once in the Fall with Digital Book World. This weekend's event follows Digital Book World (held in Nashville, Tennessee October 2-4, 2018) and the theme is Self-Publishing 3.0.

What You'll Learn At #SELFPUBCON18

For 24 hours, beginning at 10am GMT on October 6th, the Alliance of Independent Authors is pleased to provide you with the industry’s best about what you can and should be doing to have the most success in publishing and selling your books.

Ingenium Books and #SELFPUBCON18

Ingenium Books is proud to be a partner member of ALLi (ALLi vets all partner members in advance of admission to ensure they meet their Code of Standards) and session sponsor of this free online conference.

Our session is titled, "How to Build Your Business By Writing a Book."

But there are plenty of other sessions—24 of them in total. You can learn about book awards, using Scrivener, building your author platform, a successful author mindset, using social media, finding your readers, how and why to use professional editing, creating metadata as a foundation for success, and more.

The presentations are provided by leaders in the indie publishing industry, best-selling authors, publishers, and service providers for indie authors. ALLi works hard to ensure the content that is delivered is top-notch, up-to-date, and high quality.

Where is the Conference?

SELFPUBCON is wherever you are! It's an online conference and runs live on the selfpublishingadviceconference.com website. A new presentation is released on the hour, each hour, for a 24-hour timeframe. Once you're registered, you’ll have free access to the presentations until the next conference. You can register for the free conference HERE.

It's All About Your Indie Author Career

This is just one of a number of exciting things ALLi has available to help you build and strengthen the foundation of your indie author career. I recently had the privilege of editing ALLi's Self-Publishing 3.0 white paper, which talks about the fact that true indie author independence is both commercial and creative independence. You can find out more about the #selfpub3.0 campaign here.

Will we see you at #SELFPUBCON18?

What do you think?

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