Our Nonfiction Book Publishing Process

Our nonfiction book publishing process is both creative and methodical. We integrate creativity as the foundation of the publishing process.

The 8 Ps of Our Creative Book Publishing Process

1. Prequalify

The manuscript submission is the first step for a publishing partnership. Once your manuscript is accepted, or we're discussing author services, we'll hop on a discovery call. We discuss goals and objectives and ensure there is a fit. We do not accept every submission, nor do we accept every request for author services. We want to ensure the best experience and outcome for the authors we do accept. 

2. Plan

You'll work with us on your purpose for writing the book, your goals and objectives, and identifying your reader.  Together we plan the project's major milestones and chart a clear path to publish and beyond.

3. Probe

What are the details in your book? What do you want your readers to think/feel/do/believe/know once they've read your book? What do you know that your reader needs to? What order does your reader need to receive this knowledge? What's missing? What can we drop?

4. Perfect

Review, restructure (if needed!), revise, edit, review, proofread. Where the rubber hits the road in the editorial process, key for turning your draft manuscript into a great, publish-ready book.

5. Prettify

It's gotta look great, inside and out. Your custom cover design and interior layout for paperback, ebook, and hardcover will help your book both fit in and stand out on the most discerning physical and digital bookshelves.  

6. Prepare

Preparing the groundwork for launch includes securing your ISBN (International Standard Book Number), taking care of copyright and cataloguing, and distribution details.

7. Push

Out it goes! Amazon, KDP, Ingram, ebook distributors, and those all-important catalogues that 39,000+ bookstores and libraries around the world use to select the books they're going to stock or order. 

8. Promote

We educate, collaborate, and promote. Every author gets a free copy of our book, One Million Readers, as well as access to a free webinar on the same topic. We help you get reviews, and provide a launch-week plan that includes aggressive social promotion.  

The details of each step may vary depending on you and your book.

Working with Ingenium Books was an awesome experience. Ingenium Books offers more value than you can get anywhere. They have a marketing component too. The Ingenium team did it all for me.

— David Rhodd, author of House Rich Cash Poor No More

The 5-Step Creative Process

Creativity doesn't magically happen.
It's a cognitive process producing new ideas or transforming existing ideas into new constructs.

Are You Ready?

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