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... our Influencer Initiative. 

Professional book publishing
for the independent author.

Who is the Influencer Initiative for?

  • Those who have a completely written and professionally edited manuscript in any genre 
  • Those who want professional interior layout and cover design
  • Those who want a publishing partner to help them with all remaining publishing and distribution tasks.

The Influencer Initiative
is not for those who:

We Make Your Book
as Professional as You Are

You've already invested so much time and effort.

You want your book to help you build authority, credibility, competitiveness, trust, and visibility.

The truth is that people DO judge a book by its cover. And its interior design. And the spelling. And your author photo. 

Staggered Books Transp

Ingenium Influencer Initiative

Your credibility is on the line. Protect and boost your reputation by ensuring professional book publishing, packaging, and presentation of your nonfiction book.

1. Final Proofread

You get a final review of the manuscript, checked for things like spelling or grammatical errors that may have been missed during the editing phase.

2. Layout and Design

Professional interior layout and cover design suited to your genre and reader.

3. Distribution

Your distribution partner accounts (e.g. Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark) will be set up so you retain full control and receive all royalties. Paperback, eBook, and hardcover formats will be available via print-on-demand, ensuring exposure to 39,000 physical bookstores and online retailers. Your eBook will be available on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, and Apple iBooks.

4. Copyright and Cataloguing

Your completed manuscript will be registered with the relevant copyright office (US, Canada, etc) and will be assigned all relevant codes (ISBN, BISAC, bar) required for retail distribution.

5. Publishing Imprint

Choose the name of your own custom publishing imprint.

6. Author Marketing Materials

You’ll have a compelling book description for the distribution platforms, author bio, and copy for the back cover of your book. Assistance with launch-week marketing activities with a check-list of activities plotted on a timeline. You'll also receive a free copy of our book, One Million Readers.

7. 30 Free Copies

You’ll receive 30 free paperback copies of your finished book.


The Influencer Initiative from Ingenium Books 

$4.5k* total

*all prices in USD, based on manuscripts up to 40,000 words

David Reeve Author

- David Reeve, Author of Unleash Culture 

The guidance, knowledge, patience, thoughtful suggestions and quality of work made such a huge difference in the way my book turned out.

Ingenium Guarantees

Authors we choose to work with trust us

with their creative, emotional, brand, and brain power. 

We earn that trust through the Ingenium guarantees.

Inspire With Integrity

We will not let you publish a book that is not up to your potential or to professional publishing standards. Sometimes our feedback may make you uncomfortable, but we'll always help you make your book better.

Our Best Advice

We will always give you our best advice 
to keep you aligned with your goals and objectives. Sometimes you may not agree.
That’s okay. It’s your book, and the final decision will always be yours.

Your Ideas

Your book will present your ideas, in your own words, and your own voice.

Even when we’re ghostwriting, we do so in a way that produces a book

that is irrefutably, undeniably, yours.

Committed to Success

We will never publish it and forget it.
We include marketing in all our processes 

because we are as committed as you are to success for your book.


We will not waste your time — or ours — by accepting a book project that we do not believe has the potential to help others. If you’re accepted, it’s because we believe in your book idea.

IBP Long Line of Books
Lauren Clucas

I would recommend Ingenium Books to any seasoned or first-time author as not only will you have an authentic professional by your side, you are bound to come away with a friend who truly cares about your work.

- Lauren Clucas, Author of Wanted: How To Create a Relationship That Really Works

Professional book publishing for your book.

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