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Our Process

The real work as you get ready to publish begins once your manuscript is written, edited and proofread. (Sorry!) For the self-published author, after the creative act of writing, it is on to the fiddly, niggly, detail-oriented work involved in book formatting. Like creating or arranging for a cover design. And taking care of the distribution details. And preparing and managing your marketing campaign. It’s all gotta get done. No worries. We're on it. 

Good news! Ingenium Books is here to help.


Proper formatting isn’t brain surgery. It does, however, need to be handled properly. You want to publish a book that isn’t noticed for its formatting. Choice of font, proper spacing, indentation, section-breaks with headers, titles, tables and page sizing are all key. You’ll want different formats for print and ebook, and different ebook platforms require different formats. Ingenium Books handles them all.

Cover Design

Professional book cover design includes an analysis of your best-selling competitors’ book covers. It also means considering whether you are writing a series, or plan to in the future. You want your cover to attract and interest the right readers, and to entice them to buy. Oh yes, you also want it to accurately represent the purpose and content of your book. You really can tell a book by its cover.


Ingenium Books can handle account set up, navigation and uploading to your distributors of choice, such as Amazon, CreateSpace, Ingram Spark, Smashwords, Kindle/KDP, and more. We can also design, build and write the content for your author website.

Implement your marketing plan

You may want a steady hand helping you implement your marketing plan. This could include getting you set up with Bookbub for your free promotions, managing your social media campaign, or producing your launch party and book signings. It might include preparing your lead magnet(s) and helping you set up your sales funnel and build your email list. We've got you covered. 

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