Yvonne Caputo

Yvonne Caputo has been a storyteller all her life. As a teacher, psychotherapist, corporate trainer and consultant, she’s used stories to widen the eyes of her students, to soften the pain in the hearts of her clients, and to bring a point home for her audience. 


She has a masters degree in education and psychology, loves history and traveling, and lives in rural southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and dog.

Flying With Dad is Yvonne's first book. 

Author Yvonne Caputo
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At 10, she thought Dad's bite was worse than his bark.

At 20, they fought about race.

At 60, she she struggled to talk with him about what mattered.


When it was almost too late, one phone call changed everything.

Flying with Dad is the true story of a daughter, a father, and how his stories of being a B-24 navigator in World War II bridged their worlds.

As a father, Michael Caputo could be distant and brusque. 

Growing up, Yvonne and her siblings had a roof over their heads and meals on the table

But what Yvonne wanted was a deeper connection with Dad. 

  • She didn’t know he petitioned to get out of his presidential deferment so he could fly in WWII.
  • She didn’t know that in Rackheath, England he’d watched his own bomber squadron fall all around him from heavy German flak.
  • She didn’t know about the years of sweaty nightmares where he too tried to escape his B-24 as it plummeted to the ground...
  • ...Or about the guilt he carried over a particular low-altitude bombing run over Unterschlauersbach, Germany.
  • She didn’t know how the war changed him, or that despite everything, it didn't really change him at all.

In Flying with Dad

...Yvonne Caputo charts her journey to her father through the re-telling of the stories 

he told to her during two years of weekly phone calls. 

As she learned to meet him where he was,

instead of where she wanted him to be,

the result was intimacy, deep abiding respect, and a no-regrets final goodbye.

Today, even after his death...

...Yvonne’s relationship with this ordinary and extraordinary man 

continues to blossom: in the milky contrails in the sky,

the blooms of the Christmas Cactus, and the Blue Jay that appears

just as she thinks of another question she’d like to ask her dad.





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