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Yvonne grew up wanting her dad’s time. His attention. His approval. She wanted to go fishing with him. She didn’t know why he barked at her or how to avoid their terrible fights. 

Raising four kids meant Mike Caputo didn’t have much time for tenderness. And the hidden trauma from flying B24 bombers in WWII left him keeping largely to himself. 

One phone call between father and daughter just a few years before Mike Caputo died, everything changed. 

But was it too late?

Flying with Dad is the true story of a daughter, a father,

and how his stories of being a B-24 navigator in World War II bridged their worlds.

Sneak peek at the table of contents for Flying With Dad

Part I: Yvonne
  • 1. A Ruffled Hem
  • 2. The Fishing Team
  • 3. Teddie, Teddy
  • 4. Aunt Josephine
  • 5. The Camp Kiss
  • 6. Sundays at the Lake
  • 7. Trains and Planes
  • 8. Thirty-five Cents
  • 9. Silver Fritz
  • 10. Turbulence
  • 11. The Great Divide
  • 12. Dust in the Wind
  • 13. Christmas Cactus
  • 14. All the Applesauce
Part II: Michael
  • 15. Caputo with a 'C'
  • 16. Bust 'Em Up
  • 17. Packed With Planes
  • 18. The Missing Wing
  • 19. Latrine Beach
  • 20. Eight Gigs
  • 21. The Orange Ticket
  • 22. No Luck at All
  • 23. A Celestial Rhythm
  • 24. Band of Brothers
  • 25. Quite the Game
  • 26. Administrative Error
  • 27. Short Circuit
  • 28. The Liberator
  • 29. Perfect Bomb Score
  • 30. Long Road Home
  • 31. The Old Shop
  • 32. Pretense of Normalcy
  • 33. The Christmas Gift
  • 34. Unterschlauersbach 
  • 35. Flood of Purpose
Part III: Dad and Me
  • 36. G3JPZ and K3YAK
  • 37. VE 50
  • 38. Pitching the Library
  • 39. The Phone Call
  • 40. Flying Witchcraft
  • 41. The Five Wishes
  • 42. D-Day 2010
  • 43. Angels on My Shoulders
  • 44. Pilot's License
  • 45. Venosa and Potenza
  • Epilogue

In Flying with Dad

...Yvonne Caputo charts her journey to her father through the re-telling of the stories 

he told to her during two years of weekly phone calls. 

As she learned to meet him where he was,

instead of where she wanted him to be,

the result was intimacy, deep abiding respect, and a no-regrets final goodbye.

Today, even after his death...

...Yvonne’s relationship with this ordinary and extraordinary man 

continues to blossom: in the milky contrails in the sky,

the blooms of the Christmas Cactus, and the Blue Jay that appears

just as she thinks of another question she’d like to ask her dad.


Having worked with thousands of clients who long for even one deep conversation with their parent, grandparent, or uncle about their World War II experience, this book will feel very relatable. For anyone who had a difficult relationship with their silent generation dad, this will be a comfortable and comforting read. If you’re lucky enough to have a World War II relative still living, this might give you the courage to ask the questions you’ve been wanting to ask.

William L. (Bill) Beigel
Author, Buried on the Battlefield: Not My Boy


...a nuanced and authentic window on one man’s personal experience of combat. Beyond enriching the historical record, father and daughter offer welcome insight on the veteran’s humility and stoicism, and how character framed the combatant’s experience of mortal adversity but is also forever changed by it.

Brian Mahoney 
Co-author, Reluctant Witness: Memoirs for the Last Year of the European Airwar 1944- 1945


What grabs you in this engrossing family saga is the fierce connection forged slowly between father and daughter — a long, solo journey of small steps carried out with sensitivity and guts. Captivating! The man who loved a good story would appreciate what his daughter has done in Flying with Dad — as readers will too.

Jane LaTour 
Author of Sisters in the Brotherhoods: Working Women Organizing for Equality in New York City

Sample 5* Reader Reviews from Amazon


This is a great read. Yvonne made the story of her dad come alive-giving insight not only to his days as a navigator in the service, but also to his [roles] as husband and father. Thanks so much for sharing, Yvonne. 


via Amazon


I loved every page of it. In fact, once I finished it I soon realized that I was not prepared to be done, so I went right back to page one and read it all over again. this is more than a book about a WWII airman. It's a loving and immersive family story as well. Real people, real lives, real-life stories. Put this one on your reading list; you'll be glad you did.

Marc D. Weinshenker 

via Amazon


This book is a love story, or, more accurately, several love stories: between a father and daughter, a husband and wife, and even a man and machines. It is very thought-provoking. In reading this book, one is almost compelled to think about their own family dynamics. All in all, it is a great read.

Allen C. 

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Available in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and LARGE PRINT, and coming soon in audiobook.


About Author Yvonne Caputo

Yvonne Caputo Flying with Dad

Yvonne Caputo has been a storyteller all her life. As a teacher, psychotherapist, corporate trainer, and consultant, she’s used stories to widen the eyes of her students, soften the pain in the hearts of her clients, and bring a point home for her audience. 

She has masters degrees in education and psychology, loves history and traveling, and lives in rural southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and dog.

Flying With Dad is Yvonne's first book. 

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