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In the Thick of It Award

Winner of the International Impact Book Award 2021 in two categories: Management and Motivation

Congratulations, Gwyn!

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Writing In The Thick of It was a labour of love. And while the ideas and principles I describe will certainly help any leader, aspiring or otherwise, In The Thick of It is for people who feel powerless at work. The book is meant to help them see ways to lead themselves, and others, out from under that feeling, and to help them understand human nature enough to respond in ways that work for everyone.

We can do our best building (relationships, bridges, alliances, credibility) when we understand three things:

  1. We always have a choice
  2. There's alway room for caring and kindness
  3. Humour and laughter — especially when directed at ourselves — is a requirement. 

Gwyn Teatro 

Author, In the Thick of It: Mastering the Art of Leading from the Middle 

In the Thick of It

Mastering the Art

of Leading from the Middle

from author Gwyn Teatro

In the Thick of It Bundle

In the Thick of It
Mastering the Art of Leading from the Middle

You are in the middle of everything. You’re a part of the sandwich generation, wedged between aging parents and growing children whose demands keep you constantly on the hop.

At work, you are also in the middle. You are a boss. You have a boss. Being in the middle, in the thick of it, dealing with change at home and leading change at work can be difficult, tedious, and exhausting. It can also be interesting and immensely rewarding.

Gwyn Teatro's In the Thick of It takes you on a journey of awareness, growth, and purpose to help you master the art of leadership that, no matter how many you lead, will pay dividends. Author Gwyn Teatro shows you to how to be a leader that delivers results while valuing every human being, engendering trust and loyalty, and bringing out the best in others. 

Leading from the Middle

Author Gwyn Teatro’s lighthearted, humorous, and self-deprecating style delivers lessons in choosing to lead, changing the narrative, and leading with purpose. She cracks the “lack of communication” myth, shows you how to identify pitfalls that impede effective communication, and helps you see through the misleading warm glow of inclusion around the word “team.” 

When you’re ready to confront the challenge of change, Teatro’s In the Thick of It provides the map for you to navigate the waters of planned and unplanned change, help your team rise above the challenges in change, and incorporate autonomy, mastery, purpose, innovation, and creativity into your leadership toolkit.

The failures, bumps, and potholes are all part of the shift from what is, to what can be. In the Thick of It will show you how to cherish the fulfillment that accomplishment brings. It will spur you on, make you want more, and reaffirm your belief in yourself. This is the summit of your mountain and the high that confirms the worthiness of your struggle.

You are a leader in the middle of it all. You want to be the leader that encourages others to do and be their best. You imagine yourself accomplishing something great, something that has meaning, not just for you but for others too. In your ideal world, people are not cogs in a wheel that rolls dispassionately toward the bottom line. They, like you, are searching for something that gives them purpose.

From your place in the middle, there is opportunity.

The middle is a place where most of us live and learn. It's what we do with it that makes the difference between feeling sandwiched and expanding our horizons, pushing out from the centre, and creating larger, more productive and satisfying spaces.

In all the messiness of change, being an empowered leader in the middle can be satisfying. In the Thick of It will take you there.

In the Thick of It 3D Book Cover

In my own workshops on "How to Manage Your Boss," I teach employees how to "manage up" in their organizations. But until I read this book, I'd never heard of "leading from the middle." What a great concept! Read it and reap ... great results!

BJ Gallagher 
Coauthor, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins: A Fable About Creativity and Courage

In the Thick of It 3D Book Cover

Reading In the Thick of It is like sipping a cup of coffee with a trusted friend who knows you well and knows what you need. Through a combination of excellent, practical advice and thought-provoking questions, you will be guided toward becoming the leader and person you were meant to be. 

Jesse Lyn Stoner  
Full Steam Ahead!

In the Thick of It 3D Book Cover

Told from the heart, Gwyn Teatro's narratives are crammed full of insights that will inspire you. Firmly grounded in the reality of the joys and the adversity we all face in our lives, she shows how exercising uplifting leadership will give us meaning in our families, our communities, our workplace, and ultimately in ourselves. 

Hubert Saint-Onge
 Principal, SaintOnge Alliance 

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Now retired, downsized, and still poking fun at herself, author Gwyn Teatro is a certified professional coach with a master of science degree in management. She spent the bulk of her career as an HR professional in the financial services industry where she coached senior business leaders and groups on leadership, organizational effectiveness and strategic business planning. 

Active on social media and an
award-winning blogger on HR and leadership trends and issues, Gwyn has learned a lot about building: that is, building relationships, building bridges, building alliances, and building credibility.

Teatro's first book,
In the Thick of It, is now available. 

Available now in eBook and paperback. Coming soon in audiobook. 

Connect with Author Gwyn Teatro on Twitter: @GwynT

Read Gwyn's guest blog about her writing process here

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