Why Produce an Audiobook?

Audiobooks remain one of the fastest-growing book formats and have held a top spot for several years in a row. Even after the economic slow-down of the pandemic, audiobooks continued to gain popularity.

Producing an audiobook can help you attract more readers — either readers who consume books through audio only or readers who like to consume the same title in several formats, often simultaneously.

However, the cheapest path to publishing an audiobook
isn't likely to get the results you want.

Audiobook listeners, like readers of paperback and ebooks, aren't stupid. They know when you've cut corners. They can spot an AI-generated voice a mile away and the money you may save by trying to take shortcuts and to save a few bucks will cost you far more in the end — in the form of poor reviews, disengaged readers, and even returns. 

Instead, Ingenium Books advocates appropriate respect for the audiobook: after all, its another form of intellectual property. When we work together to produce the best possible listening experience for your "reader," the dividends pay off.  

Why  Ingenium Books for Audiobooks?

John Wagner-Stafford, Ingenium Books' cofounder, is a media composer and audio editor with more than 30 years’ experience working in all areas of music and audio production.

Composing, sound recording, editing, mixing, voice direction, foley recording & editing, sound effects creation and editing, music editing, voiceover & dialogue editing, music recording and mixing, and song writing.

He's also been a professional musician (saxophone), sang with the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir (where he once performed on stage supporting Andrea Bocelli) and delivered soundtracks for feature film, television, advertising, music, television series, and indie films in both Montreal and New York City.

John also produced video games for Ubisoft and has edited many audiobooks and podcasts published by Ingenium Books. Whatever your audio and music needs are, John is at your disposal and ready to create.

Listen to John Talk About

Immersive (& Standard) Audiobooks

Enhance Listener Engagement

Using original music and sound effects in immersive audiobooks can significantly improve the emotional immersion for listeners. By generating a multi-layered audio experience, readers can actively engage with the story and connect with its characters more profoundly. This level of engagement and connection is particularly vital for emotionally-driven and character-focused narratives, as it allows the listeners to experience the story's emotional depth fully.

All About Audiobooks

Audiobooks have been gaining steadily in popularity... which means every author should be asking themselves: is producing an audiobook right for me? And if the answer is yes, how? Do I narrate myself? Set up a home studio? All the considerations explored in this episode with John and Boni Wagner-Stafford of Ingenium Books.

Beyond Story: Narrating Your Own Audiobook

Everything you need to know before narrating your own audiobook: setting up your studio, mic tips, articulation, pacing... and more!

Your Ingenium Audiobook Includes

Total project management and kid-glove handling of you and your audiobook project:

Professional narration OR coaching and guidance for authors capable of self-narration

Professional audio edit

Re-recording and editing when necessary to improve diction, pronunciation and clarity

Audio files prepared for upload to audiobook distributors

One audiobook cover, based on your existing book cover

Discussion of distribution options. 

Custom pricing on a project-by-project basis

Some of Our Audiobooks


By Tricia Jacobson

An immersive audiobook


By Jack F. Rocco M.D.

Narrated by Michael Neeb

In the Thick of It

By Gwyn Teatro

Narrated by Lynda Steele

Author Investment

Let's Get Your Book on Audio

If your manuscript is accepted after the submission review process, your investment is $6900, usually in four equal monthly payments.

When you're ready to start exploring your book as an audiobook, and you're not willing to settle for anything but professional results both you and your reader/listener will love, get in touch. 

We're ready to talk. 

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