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We Know Audiobooks

Storytelling and sound. Our two specialties.

Be sure your nonfiction book captures a piece of the fastest-growing segment of the book sales market: audiobooks.

Why Produce an Audiobook?

Reach on-the-go readers by producing your nonfiction audiobook.

Audiobook sales are growing faster than any other format as people continue to migrate their “reading” habits to take advantage of technology to deliver their books on the go.

More people are consuming audio products than ever before. More than half the US population reports they've listened to an audiobook, according to the 2019 Infinite Dial Study

And listeners of audiobooks love their nonfiction. 

Why  Ingenium Books for Audiobooks?

John narrating audiobook

John, cofounder of Ingenium Books, is the master of audio.

With an extensive list of audio credits in the film and television industry, one of John's career specialties is editing dialogue. He produced award-winning soundtracks and supervised teams of creative artists in the TV, film, and video game industries.

With skills honed on big audio studio soundboards, you win because of John's audio production and editing expertise, whether you're narrating your own book or we're providing professional narration for you. 

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All About Audiobooks

Audiobooks have been gaining steadily in popularity... which means every author should be asking themselves: is producing an audiobook right for me? And if the answer is yes, how? Do I narrate myself? Set up a home studio? All the considerations explored in this episode with John and Boni Wagner-Stafford of Ingenium Books.

Beyond Story: Narrating Your Own Audiobook

Everything you need to know before narrating your own audiobook: setting up your studio, mic tips, articulation, pacing... and more!

Your Ingenium Audiobook Includes

Total project management and kid-glove handling of you and your audiobook project:

  • Professional narration 
  • Professional audio edit
  • Re-recording and editing when necessary to improve diction, pronunciation and clarity
  • Audio files prepared for upload to audiobook distributors
  • One audiobook cover, based on your existing book cover
  • Help with creation of your distributor account and uploading audiobook files (or ask us to manage distribution on your behalf) 


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