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Best Author Photo

How to Get The Best Author Photo

Unsure how to get the best author photo? Or even how much effort to put into getting one? Many indie authors are shy, or modest, or frugal, and don't want to hire a professional photographer "just" for

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Are You The Author You Want to Be?

Are you already the author you want to be? Or is there something, some little thing, holding you back? If you aren’t already the author you want to be, you’re unlikely to get there with the help

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write in active voice guy in shirt and tie stretching at his computer

Why It’s Way Better to Write in Active Voice

Why is it better to write in active voice? It’s what every writing coach and editor will tell you. But why? And how do you keep from slipping into the nasty habit of passive voice? Active Voice Versus

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time to write your book pen pad ribbon

Why Now is the Best Time to Write Your Book

Deciding on the best time to write your book is a little bit like having a baby. You may believe that the best time to write your book is only when you have enough money, enough experience, and enough

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How to Write for Your Reader’s English

Your English, my English. Where you were born, raised, educated, and live will dictate which of the Englishes you write and speak. What if you’re writing for a reader who uses one of the other Englishes?

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Plain English

The Eight Simple Tips You Need to Write in Plain English

You probably know the feeling: you read something, probably more than once. And you find yourself asking, “Could you explain it again, but in English this time?” You don’t want this to happen

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Less Stress Thumb 1

Stressed About Writing Your Book? Five Tips To Help You Chill

Guest post from author Jamie Sussel Turner Writing and publishing a book can be a highly stressful experience. But, it doesn’t have to be. One of the best aspects of self-publishing is that you get

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Why We’re Grateful for These 5 Big Authentic Gifts

In this blog post, we’re doing something a little different. To celebrate the holiday season, rather than sharing “how-to” tips on writing or marketing or publishing, we want to explain why we’re

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Best Self-Publishing Approach Thumb2

How to Choose the Best Self-Publishing Approach for Your Book

How to choose the best self-publishing approach for your book is about knowing what you and your book need help with, from whom, and when. As an indie author in charge of your own book project, you’re

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