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Empowering, enlightening, and enriching people’s lives by creating and publishing outstanding nonfiction that women love to write and read. 

 Influencer Initiative

Professional publishing for your finished manuscript. 

Breathing Life Into Ideas

We offer a powerful and empowering alternative to both the traditional publishing and self-publishing approach: our specialty and special interest in nonfiction in a partnership publishing (hybrid publishing) approach.

Ingenium Books' authors enjoy the best of both worlds: they are collaborative, entrepreneurial partners who benefit from greater creative control and a larger share of royalties than they'd get with traditional publishing. That, along with endorsements, pre-sales, distribution, and ongoing project management — long after their book is published — make it a highly desirable publishing approach.

Ingenium Guarantees

Authors we choose to work with trust us
with their creative, emotional, brand, and brain power. 
We earn that trust by living and breathing the Ingenium Guarantees.

Inspire With Integrity

We will not publish a book that is not up to your potential or to professional publishing standards. Sometimes our feedback may make you uncomfortable, but we'll always help you make your book better.

Our Best Advice

We will always give you our best advice to keep you aligned with your goals and objectives. In fact, your goals become our goals. We care about your book as much as you do. As partners, it's our book too.

Your Ideas

Your book will present your ideas, in your own words, and your own voice. Professional publishing standards and marketability are important, but we'll ensure those standards don't sanitize what makes you and your book special and unique. 

Committed to Success

We will never publish it and forget it.
We consider marketing in all our processes because
we are as committed as you are to success for your book.


We will not waste your time — or ours — by accepting a manuscript that we do not believe has potential. If your manuscript is accepted into our nonfiction publishing program,
it’s because we believe in it. 


Our Purpose and Core Values

At Ingenium Books, we exist to breathe life into ideas. That's our purpose. We're also guided by a set of core values: the principles that shape what we do and how we behave. Every day. 

Inspire With Integrity

We’ve spent a lifetime breathing life into ideas. Yours can be next. Our currency is the inspiration to complete your book, and the integrity to tell you whether your idea has merit. Our content strategy work will shine a bright light on your goals and objectives and chart a clear path to success.

Create Lasting Relationships

Working together on a book project means spending a lot of time together. We get to know you, and you get to know us. Really well. Through the sheer ecstasy of accomplishing something worthy, together we build much more than a book. We build rewarding relationships that last long after the book is published.

Reflect. Respond. Re-energize.

Creative discovery means encountering the unexpected. When that happens, and it does, we reflect on what’s happened to get us to this point. We respond by taking steps to find the answers and adjust our course. And we re-energize the team so we’re all focused on the best way forward.

Passion for Creative Expression

Creative expression is the fuel to the fire in our soul. Preparing, perfecting, positioning and presenting your book to the world is, we believe, the ultimate creative exercise. Whether we're publishing journalistic or narrative nonfiction, memoir, autobiography, biography, business, or self-help: they’re all stories that matter. They all help create a better world. Yours, ours, and theirs.

Wai-Lin Terry

We had the impossible tasks of simultaneously running a crowdfunding campaign, the editorial development and production of a 25-story anthology about cats. With a clear, concise strategy, Ingenium Books got us across the finish line in just under four months. 

-  Wai-Lin Terry, author, publisher Kitty Karma Books

The Founders


John Wagner-Stafford

Publisher. Creative genius. Production. Audio.
Solutions Superhero.

Moko the Editor Cat

Moko the Cat

He thinks he's managing editor.

s/v Ingenium

s/v Ingenium

Corporate namesake. Floating home/office since 2015. 

Boni Wagner-Stafford Author Photo

Boni Wagner-Stafford

Publisher. Strategy. Editorial. Reviewer/judge for Nonfiction Book Awards.

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