How Do We Breathe Life Into Ideas?

We help professional entrepreneurs like you write, publish, and market their nonfiction books. When you want to grow your business, build authority, credibility, competitiveness, and generate trust and visibility, it's time to write and publish your book. We can help. 


Professional publishing for your finished manuscript. 

We are unable to work with every author or every book. We assess each potential author and their book idea and accept new projects based on their overall merits.

We work exclusively with nonfiction and the genres of business, self-help, personal development, memoir, and journalistic nonfiction (such as true crime). 


Our Purpose and Core Values

At Ingenium Books, we exist to breathe life into ideas. That's our purpose. 
We're also guided by a set of core values: the principles that shape what we do and how we behave. Every day. 

Inspire With Integrity

We’ve spent a lifetime breathing life into ideas. Yours can be next. Our currency is the inspiration to complete your book, and the integrity to tell you whether your idea has merit. Our content strategy work will shine a bright light on your goals and objectives and chart a clear path to success.

Create Lasting Relationships

Working together on a book project means spending a lot of time together. We get to know you, and you get to know us. Really well. Through the sheer ecstasy of accomplishing something worthy, together we build much more than a book. We build rewarding relationships that last long after the book is published.

Reflect. Respond. Re-energize.

Creative discovery means encountering the unexpected. When that happens, and it does, we reflect on what’s happened to get us to this point. We respond by taking steps to find the answers and adjust our course. And we re-energize the team so we’re all focused on the best way forward.

Passion for Creative Expression

Creative expression is the fuel to the fire in our soul. Writing a book – even a nonfiction book – is the ultimate creative exercise. Journalistic or narrative nonfiction, memoir, autobiography, biography, business, self-help. They’re all stories that matter. They all help create a better world. Yours, ours, and theirs.

Our Startup Story

Ingenium Books grew out of a desire to provide indie authors with a more rewarding experience through creating and publishing their books. Boni Wagner-Stafford (Ingenium Books co-founder along with John Wagner-Stafford) had been working with indie authors for several years, ghostwriting and/or editing manuscripts. The projects were long. Both Boni and the author put tremendous time and effort into those manuscripts, and together they produced strong nonfiction narratives. 

Many of these authors went on to struggle with the publishing and marketing parts of the process. They ended up with results they were less than satisfied with. After all that emotional and mental energy, we found it heartbreaking. 

The Launch of Ingenium Books Publishing

In the first few months after our launch, we found ourselves working on thirteen books with thirteen authors. It seemed to happen fast. We quickly engaged a team of contract editors and ghostwriters to work with us on those first projects. Not all of it went smoothly.

We learned a lot that first year — about what kinds of projects we enjoyed (serious nonfiction) and what kinds we did not find satisfying (forumulaic, cheap, and speedily-assembled lead magnets).

We began by offering a range of custom publishing packages as well as a full suite of a la carte services — someone could work with us just to edit, or just to proofread, or just to develop a marketing strategy. We were trying to be a little bit of everything for everybody. Which meant we were spending far too much time creating custom offerings for authors. We took a good look at the type of author we seemed to be helping the most (the professional entrepreneur), what kind of work they seemed to need and we wanted to provide, and that leads us to where we are today. 

Wai-Lin Terry

Boni of Ingenium Books is a fire starter and great strategist. We had the impossible tasks of simultaneously running a crowdfunding campaign, the editorial development and production of a 25-story anthology about cats. With a clear, concise strategy, Ingenium Books got us across the finish line in just under 4 months.

-  Wai-Lin Terry, author, publisher Kitty Karma Books

The Founders

Moko the Editor Cat

Moko, our mascot

(He thinks he's an editor...shhh)

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