Film & TV Licensing

Good stories make good books. Good books make good film and tv.

Film & TV Licensing

Good stories make good books. Good books make good film

and tv.

Books to Film & TV

Are you a motion picture literary agent? Producer? Development exec for a studio or streamer? Entertainment attorney? Documentary producer?

At Ingenium Books, we publish stories that awe, inspire,

enlighten, transform, and challenge...
and that prompt us to rethink what’s possible.

In many cases, what’s possible is to bring these stories to an even wider audience.

Some of the stories we publish are too big, too powerful, and too important to remain confined within the pages of a book: they were born to get the screen treatment, maybe a “based on a true story” film or television series, or to be used in a documentary related to the same topic.

Some of our screen-worthy stories

3D Picture Wall Book Cover

The Picture Wall

By C.A. Gibbs

The Picture Wall: One Woman’s Story of Being His Her Their Mother  is the true story of a mother who had to learn how to let go and allow her child to live life on their own terms. It’s also the story of a child — a child who is both autistic and gender-nonconforming — trying to find their place in the world. It has won first place in the Non-Fiction > Relationships > LGBTQ+ category and second place in the Non-Fiction > Relationships > Family category at the BookFest Book Awards 2022 and an Honourable Mention, General Nonfiction at the Hollywood Book Awards 2022.

Listen for Water single cover

Listen for Water

By Marie Beswick Arthur

Listen For Water  is a snappy, bittersweet coming-of-age story of roles reversed. The unhealthy parent-child relationship with her mother, Ray, means Dakota has been burdened with age-inappropriate responsibility her whole life. Ray's impulsive behaviour sends them on the ride of their lives, during which a tampering incident has tumultuous consequences. They fall off the Earth, lost to the forested mountains, and embark on a
quest for survival.
 Listen for Water has won a Literary Titan Gold Award for 2022. 


Nova: The Courage to Rise

By Tricia Jacobson

Nova: The Courage to Rise charts the exploration and inner growth journey of two teenage girls: down-to-earth Aurora and quirky Stella. Their search for mothering messages in the stars while they’re on an inner-city camping adventure is sparked by a torn bit of a discarded research paper. A quest is initiated.
 Nova won in the Young Adult and Female Empowerment categories at the International Impact Book Awards 2021 and placed third in the Coming of Age and Young Adult Fiction categories at the Firebird Book Awards 2021.

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For documentary or

based-on-a-true-story treatments 

Promise of Psychedelics WSJ

The Promise of Psychedelics

by Dr. Peter Silverstone

#4 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list for nonfiction
in April 30, 2022. 

A fresh, engaging, and easy-to-read psychedelic therapy guide with simple analogies that explain complex concepts. Learn about psychedelics and a promising new mental health therapy program.
Author Dr. Peter Silverstone rates and ranks psychedelics such as psilocybin, ketamine, MDMA, and more as contenders, wannabes, along with the bronze-, silver-, and gold-medal winners to share why some psychedelics, along with therapy, will become standard for many mental health conditions. 

MomOnWheels FINAL 3D Cover

Mom on Wheels

by Marjorie Aunos, PhD

"Today is a pretty good day to die."
So began the most challenging chapter in the life of this overachieving psychologist and parent, whose life's work had been to advocate for parents with intellectual disabilities. Suddenly, Aunos became a disabled single parent herself, experiencing first-hand the barriers and discrimination she’d witnessed for others. She, too, became a mother waiting for the knock on the door that would rob her of her child. In Mom on Wheels, Aunos describes how positive psychology and true grit brought her back from the brink and gave her the courage to reimagine her role as a parent.


by Jack F. Rocco, MD

Recycled is Dr. Rocco's journey of discovering his true but hidden identity. When he learns the birth story he's been told may not be accurate, he becomes obsessed with researching adoption and adoption trauma. He tries to follow long and twisted tentacles of nurture, nature, and free will—which parts of him were due to genetics? The nurturing environment of his adoptive home? And which parts did he actually have control over? As some of the puzzle pieces of his life click into place, others remain disconnected and swirling out of reach. And then, he makes a discovery that shatters his very self-identity.

Flying With Dad 3D Hardcover

Flying With Dad

by Yvonne Caputo

A Daughter. A Father.
And the Hidden Gifts in His Stories from WWII. 

Written with vivid detail, this encouraging, life-giving book is a heart-wrenching and heart-warming story of a daughter striving to understand her father and him opening up about the experiences that shapes so many soldiers and can get in the way of the rich relationships they and their children deserve. 

The Weaver's Way

by Corrina Grace 

 We need a new approach to social change.

But not just any approach to social change will work. Whether it’s in the aftermath of a natural disaster or in the daily lives of those living in marginalized communities around the world, it’s become clear that the business-as-usual approach to change—change that makes a real difference—isn’t sustainable.


by Lauren Clucas 

Betrayal. Hard questions. Empowerment.

Infidelity and affairs are by far the main reasons couples seek out couples therapy from author Lauren S. Clucas. Choices outlines the steps to healing for both the betrayer and the betrayed. She also looks at trends in sexual utopias and how these couple-sanctioned activities can enhance or threaten a relationship.

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Ingenium Books Licensing

If you’re interested in a books to movie treatment for any of the publications in our catalogue, we are open to exploring licensing and co-production opportunities, where appropriate, such as film and television rights licensing, including Netflix licensing.

For more information or to discuss a film or TV idea, please click below.

But wait... there's more coming soon

Original music soundtracks

You can also commission us to create your own original music soundtrack — or inquire about licensing one of our existing creations. 

Podcast theme music

Podcasts these days are big business. You want yours to stand out for all the right reasons, including for it's awesome, one-of-a-kind opening and closing theme music. 

Audiobook opening music

With so much competition in the audiobook market, why not set your audiobook apart with unique, specially-composed, emotionally and thematically relevant opening music? 

Musical scores for screen

We can consult, compose, create, mix, or fix your musical score for your film, tv, streaming, or documentary project. 

Listen to these sample tracks

Music, narration, SFX sample #1: from Nova: The Courage to Rise audiobook
Music, narration, SFX sample #2: from Nova: The Courage to Rise audiobook
Original music composition, sample #3 (theme music for Nova audiobook)
Original music composition, sample #4 (upbeat, EDM)
Original Music composed for Indie Film Music Contest 2023

Other Titles with Screen Potential

Dying with Dad 3D Transp

Dying With Dad

— Yvonne Caputo

Four Fridays With Christina

Four Fridays with Christina

— Cynthia Barlow 

Leaving the Safe Harbor Single 3D

Leaving the Safe Harbor

— Tanya Hackney

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