The Courage to Rise

by Tricia Jacobson
Marie Beswick Arthur


The Courage to Rise

by Tricia Jacobson
Marie Beswick Arthur

★★★★★ Now available as an immersive audiobook! ★★★★★

Introducing "Nova: The Courage to Rise" – a captivating journey of self-discovery and resilience, where two extraordinary teenage girls, Aurora and Stella, embark on an inner-city camping adventure that reveals the power within themselves and the universe.


🌌 Unveiling the Stars of Resilience:

Aurora, a grounded soul from the foster system, and Stella, a quirky spirit raised by her grandfather, find a torn piece of a discarded research paper, sparking a journey of what they call "questlisting" for mothering messages in the stars.

🌟 Discovering the Depths of Self-Love:

As they navigate their adventure, Aurora and Stella learn profound lessons about self-love and self-worth. Their journey becomes a testament to the transformative power of community and the pursuit of a greater good.

🔗 Beyond Digital Connections:

Stripped of data on their phones, the girls forge unexpected connections—with themselves, each other, and the community around them. In the absence of constant digital distractions, they delve into the importance of empathy, kindness, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

🌈 Empowering Mindsets and Building Futures:

"Nova" inspires a shift in perspective, encouraging positive self-talk, fostering a healthy body image, and challenging conventional notions of faith. The girls learn that rewriting their past narratives can pave the way for a meaningful and purposeful future.

🔍 Questlisting for Answers, Journey of Leadership:

Amidst their quest, Aurora uncovers answers about her mother that may redefine her understanding of the past. Simultaneously, Stella finds herself on an unexpected path, emerging as a leadership resource for young women seeking their own paths to a better life.

🌿 True Greatness Unveiled:

"Nova" teaches that true greatness lies not in possessions or prestige, but in goodness, humility, service, and character. It's an invitation to embrace self-care and extend kindness, breathing for oneself and then for others.


"Nova: The Courage to Rise" is now available as an immersive audiobook, and is narrated by a cast of characters:

Rachel Aube as Stella
Abby Van Gerpen as Aurora

Other narrator voices from:

Dini Steyn
Boni Wagner-Stafford
Cassandra Arnold

Music composed and arranged by John Wagner-Stafford

I started on a journey to write a book in early 2020 that I felt inadequate to take. I had convinced myself that I was not a writer, let alone an author. But I was passionate and felt a conviction to do it. I was passionate about inspiring and encouraging girls to thrive. Being the mother to four girls certainly contributes to this passion. This process—of creating the book and realizing my vision—confirmed for me that passion can take you places you can’t begin to imagine.


Intl Impact Awards Seal

International Impact Book Awards 2021
Young Adult WINNER
Female Empowerment WINNER

Firebird Awards Seal

Firebird Book Awards 2021
Coming of Age 3rd place winner
Young Adult Fiction 3rd place winner

📖 Embark on the Odyssey of "Nova":

Join Aurora and Stella in a tale that transcends boundaries, uncovering the universal truths that connect us all. "Nova: The Courage to Rise" is more than a story; it's an odyssey of empowerment, resilience, and the limitless possibilities within.

Embark on the journey—where courage meets the cosmos, and rising is not just an act but a way of life. "Nova" awaits, beckoning you to discover the courage to rise within yourself.

Sneak peek at the table of contents for Nova


Letter to the Reader 1


Aurora and Stella Count the Stars


Questlisting and Camping


Aurora and the Tree


Stella and the Spoon


Aurora and Stella Dig for Gold


Pinky on Ditching Drama


Aurora the Advocate


Questlist Findings and the Strawberry Farm


Stories in the Stars


Aurora and Her Birth Mother


Stella Finds a Talisman


Stella Shares a Secret


The Courage to Rise


Aurora and Stella Make a Pact


Letter to the Reader 2

In Nova (excerpt)

Aurora, wake up. I found something over by the concession.

It’s still dark.

I couldn’t sleep. You said, “Let’s go find out.” About our mothers and who mothers are.

It was a metaphor, Stella. Not genealogy. 
I meant like go on a quest to find out the answers to what we’re missing.
To find guides, lessons, a kind of pilgrimage.

I’m not an idiot. I know you meant a metaphor—what you said was a symbol of what you meant. But I couldn’t sleep so I went for a walkabout.

A walkabout? We’re not in Australia.

Okay, I went over by the concession, in case it was left open. Just in case.
And I wouldn’t have taken anything more than a bag of chips, I really wouldn’t.
And all that talk last night made it hard to sleep. We’re on this student camp-in-the-city thing, but really, you made it into something else last night.

And, I found...

Please tell me it wasn’t open.

There’s a motion light. It comes on in the dark
when a person is by the concession entrance.

I’m not eating stolen food.

Stop. I didn’t go in. Okay, it was locked.
But I found this list. Will you at least sit up? The sun’s rising.
I’ve never been up for one before and I know you haven’t either.
You’ve got to see this. I think it’s a sign.

There. Happy? I’m sitting, but I’m staying in my sleeping bag. 

Read it. Read it aloud, Aurora.

It’s too dark.

Squidge your body around so the rising sun’s behind you.
Hold the paper over a bit. You’ll be able to read it.

“Necessary for Life.”  Stella, this is lame.

Read some more or I swear I’ll pull you out of your sleeping bag. 
Look at the top! It says “The Quest."

No, Stella, it’s torn. It probably said “The Questions.”

No, don’t you see? It says “The Quest.” Maybe it was questions
for some student who was studying, but it was by the concession for me to find, 
and it now says “The Quest.” Keep reading.

“Needs… not wants… Faith... Confidence...Positive self-talk...
Positive body image... To express gratitude... A passion... To be kind... Air...

See, an amazing list, huh?

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"I loved this book. It was beautifully written and full of emotions and important life lessons. It talks about all of the challenges young girls have to face growing up and how they overcome them. Both Aurora and Stella are very wise for their age and i enjoyed reading about how they view the world and how connected they are to their surroundings. They are both extremely lovable and strong characters. Amazing book!"

NetGalley reviewer

"Nova: The Courage to Rise is an empowering book about two teen girls who go on a quest to find themselves while encouraging other girls to do the same. The girls were given a rough go, but that didn’t stop them from holding true to themselves. This book will inspire you to do the same. I wish it were available to read in my teen years. Highly recommend!"

Amazon reviewer

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