Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni

Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni

Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni is a physician, writer, and explorer-in-chief. At the age of sixteen, she was accepted into medical school through a combined BA/MD program. By the time she was twenty-four, she had completed four degrees: two bachelor of arts degrees (economics and biology), a master’s in public health, and a medical degree. After completing a residency in neurology and two fellowships, one in sleep and the other in epilepsy, Dr. Kondapaneni spent a decade as a private practice attending physician.

Her frustration with clinical medicine led Dr. Kondapaneni to set out on a series of adventures to help improve communication in the medical office and to combat her physician burnout. These adventures included everything from comedy routines to classes on artistic visual observation. Dr. Kondapaneni enjoys exploring other disciplines in order to find ways to empower physicians to improve communication and combat burn-out.

These adventures have resulted in two books:
 Prescription Technology, and Prescription Comedy.

Prescription Comedy

an unlikely antidote to PHYSICIAN BURNOUT

from author Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni

The secret to healing from physician burnout, re-connecting with loved ones and rediscovering daily joy resides in an unlikely place: the comedy club.

Prescription COMEDY
, Dr.  Kondapaneni shares her personal journey with burnout and how an almost accidental foray into the world of comedy proved key to her cure.

  • Why  do so many physicians succumb to burnout and suffer a loss of faith? Does it have anything to with the fact they toil under the weight of a medical system that doesn’t value connection? 
  • Might the world or stand-up comedy offer relief for harried physicians well beyond an evening of laughs? Might it help them cultivate a deeper and more meaningful connection with patients?

Dr. Kondapaneni’s personal quest to improve the physician-patient communication bond led her to discover and explore comedy, and she now offers some simple lessons that can help you defeat physician burnout.

Prescription Comedy cover Bundle

Prescription Comedy
an unlikely antidote to physician burnout

Available now in ebook, paperback, and coming soon in audiobook

Prescription Technology

Opening Physician-Patient Communication Channels

from author Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni

The secret to opening physician-patient communication channels, reducing physician burnout, and achieving real results for patient health outcomes lies in the embrace of technology.

Prescription Technology
, author Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni shows healthcare professionals how current and future technology tools can be leveraged to reduce stress for the doctor and increase the patient’s adoption of modified lifestyle behaviours.

Inside Prescription Technology

  • Why current deployment of technology is causing more problems for the physician than it solves, and how to change this.
  • How remote-monitoring and voice-first technologies will soon play an important role in healthcare.
  • Why artificial intelligence is a game-changer for patient-physician communication.
  • How adopting gamification concepts can strengthen the human connection between doctor and patient.
  • Why technology will transform patient education in between clinical visits and result in improved patient health outcomes.
  • Why the human gift of compassion will play an ever-increasing role given the rise of technology in healthcare.

Putting Physician and Patient Health First

Imagine never again having to suffer through another electronic medical record meltdown, or worry about where to find time to update patient charts. In Prescription Technology, explore how technology can solve the dysfunction caused by a system that perversely values economic incentives over patients’ health.

Dr. Kondapenini has written this book for physicians and medical leaders, but technology professionals may also find it useful in learning how physicians regard current cumbersome technology tools, and how the growing impact of technology can benefit patient care.

Prescription Technology
Opening Physician-Patient Communication Channels

Available now in paperback, ebook, and  audiobook

Prescription Comedy Cover Bundle

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