Andrea L. Wehlann

Andrea L. Wehlann is a yoga studio owner, 
Hatha yoga teacher, and author of three books for women.

Andrea L. Wehlann

Andrea Lynn Wehlann has received the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by The National Library of Poetry (Canada), Honourable Mention from Iliad Press, and a Poet of Merit Award.

Books by Andrea L. Wehlann

Stillness in the Storm Book Cover

Trust Yourself
Love Yourself
Keep it SimpleLove

Stillness in the Storm: A Conscious Daily Journal of Yoga & Spiritual Healing 

Trust yourself. Love yourself. Keep it simple. 

By Andrea L. Wehlann

More than just a yoga journal.

Lovingly crafted and illustrated, this book is designed to meet you at the intersection of your mind and spirit, to bring you to that still point in your mind when you bring pen to paper, and to celebrate the power of hearing the heart in the here and now.

With plenty of space to write down your innermost thoughts and feelings, this yoga journal also gives you gentle prompts and ideas that will inspire you to create a space for love, kindness and compassion in your heart. In addition, you’ll find step-by-step Hatha yoga sequences that will help you incorporate the eight limbs of yoga into your life. Perform these sequences as and when your heart tells you to, on their own, or as part of your daily reflection.

Deeper Days 3d book cover

365 Days. 8 Limbs. One Life.

American Book Fest, Health: Aging/50+

Deeper Days: 365 Yoga-spirations for Inner Calm Amidst Chaos

A travel guide for your journey around the sun, for those seeking a respite from the chaos.

By Andrea L. Wehlann

A collection of daily messages for yoga practitioners and seekers of inner calm.

“...a work of heart that offers to stretch thought patterns, quench thirsts, and cultivate inner calm (despite surrounding chaos). It requires only that you are present when you take in the daily messages.”Do you have a family member who served in the military, who perhaps saw war, and wondered what their experience was really like?

Book Cover No Matter How Dark

"You are not alone and you can do this—as I have.

You’re a star. It’s never too late to shine.

Thank you for taking this journey to the light with me.

I hope you enjoy my poetry in No Matter How Dark the Stain."

American Book Fest, Health: Aging/50+

No Matter How Dark The Stain

Inspirational poems for women about self-worth, trauma resilience, and healing.

By Andrea L. Wehlann

Healing can happen in an instant. Opening this book of poetry for women is like opening your awareness. It’s the first step in the direction of love, of listening to your heart.

You are not defined by what happened to you. You are what you do in this moment.

You may feel misunderstood, different, broken, unloved, or lonely. Or you may remember a time when you felt this way.

We are not schizophrenic, depressed, drunk, addicted, abused, or victims. We are love. We see and attract the good and we evolve to our potential. We do this through visualization and by remembering our true nature. We do this by taking steps to embrace where we are, as all we need is already within.

Where there is light, there can be no darkness. Love is like a switch that heals our darkness.

About Andrea L. Wehlann

Andrea L. Wehlann is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and owns and operates the Ganga Moon Yoga Studio in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. With a BA in psychology from Brock University and a social services diploma from Niagara College, Andrea’s work in social services, and as a Reiki Master, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chi Kung, Feng Shui, and meditation practitioner round out her experience. 

She is the author of the full-length poetry collection, No Matter How Dark The Stain: Poems and Inspiration for the Woman in Pain (Ingenium Books, 2021).Her dedication to spiritual healing comes from overcoming childhood, mental, physical, and emotional abuse, surviving rape and sexual assault, miscarriages and infant loss—personal experiences that make her an effective healer today.

Andrea has received the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by The National Library of Poetry (Canada), Honourable Mention from Iliad Press, and a Poet of Merit Award. Her poetry has been published in The Brock Press Literary Supplement, The 1996 Blue Ribbon Collection, Portraits of Life published by the National Library of Poetry and the International Society of Poets, and "Another Nobody: A Tribute to the Homeless by Niagara’s Poets."

Andrea was a distinguished member of the International Society of Poets for more than seven years and has in the past been a member of The Canadian Theosophical Society. She’s been featured in publications like Niagara Life Magazine. 

Deeper Days: 365 Yoga-spirations for Inner Calm Amidst Chaos is Andrea’s second book.

The gift Andrea strives to share through her writing for #women
is that they are whole, the #world is whole, and we are all equal parts of that whole.

Available now 

Deeper Days 3D Stack

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