Stillness in the Storm Book Cover

Stillness in the Storm

A Conscious Daily Journal of Yoga and Spiritual Healing

- by Andrea L. Wehlann

Lovingly crafted and illustrated, it is designed to meet you at the intersection of your mind and spirit, to bring you to that still point in your mind when you bring pen to paper, and to celebrate the power of hearing the heart in the here and now.

Andrea L. Wehlann is a certified Hatha #Yoga #teacher and owns and operates the Ganga Moon Yoga Studio in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. She holds a BA in #psychology and a social services #diploma, is a Reiki Master, and she teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chi Kung, Feng Shui, and #meditation. 

Sneak Peek Inside Stillness in the Storm

In a world full of noise, one of the best ways to recharge and prepare for the day ahead is to take some time to be still. 

 Andrea L. Wehlann created Stillness in the Storm: A Conscious Daily Journal of Yoga and Spiritual Healing to help you do just that: to let mind and spirit intersect and to celebrate the power of hearing the heart in the here and now.

The book starts with step-by-step instructions for eight beautifully illustrated, gentle Hatha yoga sequences to help the reader incorporate the eight limbs of yoga in their daily life.

The first is based on yama, which means restraint, self-control and external discipline.

The second is based on niyama, which means internal restraint, with the personal principles of purification, contentment, patience, contemplation and devotion to the ideal of pure awareness.

The third is based on asana, which means posture, to help achieve steadiness and ease in mind, body and spirit.

The fourth is based on pranayama, which means life force energy and consists of breathing techniques that promote relaxation.

The fifth is based on pratyahara, which indicates a natural withdrawal from the senses to internalize awareness.

The sixth is based on dharana, which means concentration: an active focus on a single object until the field of awareness becomes singular and focused.

The seventh is based on dhyana, which means deep concentration or absorption where the subject and object dissolve.

The eighth and last sequence is based on samadhi, which means a state of oneness and is the culmination of the previous seven limbs.

After each yoga sequence, there are two or three pages where you can write down your thoughts or make notes. The rest of the book consists of lined pages, some also including inspirational quotes and line drawings, for you to write down your thoughts and feelings. There are no times or dates included, so you can write what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

At any time, your can go back to the Hatha yoga sequence of your choice at the beginning of the book.   

Paperback Only
August 31, 2023

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