Author Lisa King

Author Lisa King

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Lisa King was a senior marketing and branding leader, C-suite executive, and managing partner/consultant for global consumer products companies for nearly three decades prior to chasing her dream of launching a business.

Lisa’s true passion for developing brands, culture, teams, and leaders to drive business success is the reason she is the cofounder and president of Daneli Partners. She is also a Gallup certified strengths coach. Her knowledge of professional branding and strengths development empower leaders to clarify what matters and create a successful personal brand that drives professional success. 

King's book,
 Just Do YOU, is now available in eBook and paperback via Amazon. You can also ask for it at your favourite book store or library!  

Just Do You 3D Cover

Just Do YOU

Authenticity, Leadership, and Your Personal Brand

from author Lisa King

Just Do YOU: 
Authenticity, Leadership, and Your Personal Brand

Do you know who you want to be as a leader?

There’s a difference between a boss and a leader. Many managers aren’t ready to lead. Toxic cultures, modelling bad behaviour, and being unclear about values all contribute to low workplace engagement and poor results. 

Authencity and Leadership

In Just Do YOU, author Lisa King takes you on a powerful journey of self-examination to discover the amazing and authentic leader within.

When you know what matters and what effective leadership means to you, only then are you ready to authentically lead.

For Developing Leaders

In Just Do You, you’ll find everything you need to:

  • Learn about the power of branding and see how your personal brand is viewed today
  • Discover your True North and how your brand intersects with what matters
  • See how to lead with authenticity and build influence
  • Gain the tools to live, behave, and share your unique brand with the world
  • Find your unique purpose, which is key to happiness
Just Do You 3D Cover

This is much more than a book about leadership! This is a book of self-discovery. You will discover the person you are and learn how that can be translated into the best version of you as a leader.
It’s a powerful road map to bringing out the leader inside of you.

Bill Colombo 
- former president and COO, Dick's Sporting Goods

Just Do You 3D Cover

...important strategies for life as well as career. Empowering lessons on the personal brand each of us has, brought together in a narrative that is truly life changing.
Take the action.
Believe in yourself.
Are you read to achieve excellence?
Buy the book!   

Kathy Ireland 
- CEO kathy ireland Worldwide

Just Do You 3D Cover

...a powerful and compelling book that allows each of us to explore how to be our authentic selves.
This is a must read for people looking to create their own brand in a way that enables their authenticity, and for them and those that surround them to shine and thrive. 

Laura Guggenheim
 - vice president of national sales, Procter & Gamble

Are you ready to become the kind of leader you wish you had?

 It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from. Because, as a developing leader, you have the power: it’s time to make your mark, lead, and Just Do YOU.

If you liked Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, you’ll enjoy the personal branding methodology in Just Do You.

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