Food, Mood & Gratitude Journal

Learn to Take Charge of Your Health & Feel Great

from author Heidi Hackler

Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal 
Learn to Take Charge of Your Health & Feel Great

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Do you often feel drained, depressed, or foggy? Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep? Are you gaining weight, feeling bloated, suffering from diarrhea, constipation, or other digestion issues? Are you bothered by chronic aches and pains?

Have you been to the doctor only to be told it’s all in your head? Are you too young to feel this old?

Medical specialists often focus on and a pill for every ill, relieving symptoms but not addressing the root cause. Who is looking at your whole health picture?

The ninety-day Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal will help you track and find clues to your own health and wellness issues.

With tips for dietary and lifestyle modifications you’ll learn to take charge of your health and feel great again!

Inside Your Food, Mood & Gratitude Journal

Not Just Another Title Page

but a chance to be creative

...embrace your inner creator, pull out your colouring pencils, and make this title page your own. 


and context

Not just how to use your journal, but why you will want to. Empowering. Illuminating. Educational. Inspiring!

Double-page spread for every day

morning, afternoon, evening

space to track what goes in, how you're feeling, what goes out (ahem, everybody poops), and what you're grateful for

Monthly milestone dividers

including fun facts

celebrate, keep motivated, and keep learning as you progress through each 30-day period

What Others Are Saying

Food Mood Gratitude

The cover and inner first page are colorable, which makes this journal extra fun. There is plenty of space for writing and the mood section has helped me focus on how I'm feeling. I'm able to add some extra self care goals that I'm focusing on. I love using colored pens and this book inspires my creativity. I really like that I can start my week wherever I choose to rather than being limited to starting on Monday (I usually like to start on Sunday!). Thanks Heidi for bringing this amazing, amazing, creative, and inspirational journal to the world!

Sunshine Lover

Food Mood Gratitude

The layout of the journal is easy, friendly and not overwhelming with fun little emojis to help you choose your moods.  With some time, I am able to look for patterns and see if certain foods that I'm eating are affecting my moods later that day or even the next day. Some foods may be affecting my sleep (hello, coffee in the afternoon!). It's great to track these things and make modifications. It would also be valuable information to provide your naturopath or health coach for them to assist in finding the right foods and habits for your unique body's physiology.
Highly recommend!

Laren Watson 

Food Mood Gratitude

This journal makes keeping track of your own health fun and easy. I love how it is set up to help keep you organized and on top of your eating habits and corresponding moods. 10/10 would recommend getting this!

SJ Huser

Are you ready to take charge of your health and feel great? 

From Author Heidi Hackler and Ingenium Books

Author Heidi Hackler

Heidi Hackler

Heidi Hackler is a certified holistic health coach, and owns and manages the wellness website and blog HappyWellLifestyle.com.

And she's created, written, and published the Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal.

Heidi believes the current 'standard American diet' is actually making us sick, and she has helped clients reverse undiagnosed or unresolved IBS, auto-immune, or other chronic health problems that their traditional doctors either cannot or will not address. Her book, Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal, is a journal/workbook that she created for her clients, empowering them to find answers that allow them to change their lifestyle for the better.

Heidi received her Holistic Health Coach training at the
Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is currently studying functional medicine, which addresses the root cause of health problems from mindset to diet and nutrition, at the School for Applied Functional Medicine.

Happiness and Vitality

Heidi's mission is to educate people that what they choose to eat affects their overall health, and how they can turn their health around with simple modifications.

Heidi helps people ditch environmental toxins and rid their bodies of dis-ease so they can live happier, more vital lives.

Socrates was prescient when he said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

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