Query and Submissions
 to Publish with Ingenium Books

Your manuscript is subject to vetting for quality and potential, just like it would be under a traditional publishing arrangement. 

To be considered by Ingenium Books, please complete the Ingenium Books submission form below and then upload your manuscript. 

Note manuscript formatting requirements before you submit your manuscript. Be sure your manuscript includes: 

  • title page (with manuscript working title, author name, word count)
  • a synopsis
  • completed table of contents
  • chapter headings that begin on new page
  • double spacing 
  • page numbers
  • 12-14 pt serif font (like Times New Roman or Palatino) for body text

    Your information and your sample manuscript will not be shared or exploited in any manner whatsoever and will only be reviewed by the Ingenium Books team for the purposes of assessing the suitability for a publishing offer.

Good luck with your query
to Ingenium Books

Please allow four to eight weeks for us to review your query.

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