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The Magical Butterfly

An enchanting children’s book with a strong moral-of-the-story... crafted by a seven-year-old girl with a bright future in storytelling.

A butterfly with a secret.
A mean, jealous girl.
A kidnapping.
And the courageous kindness
that turned enemies into friends.

This bedtime story will entertain your kids and fill their heads with sweet dreams. It will also help inspire them to practice the art of courageous kindness toward others.

Magical Butterfly Book Covers

Magical Butterfly

Written and Illustrated by Christina Sisto

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During this horrendous pandemic, many of us have been confined to our homes for months now. Both my kids have been away from school doing “remote learning”. On one particular day a few months ago, my seven-year-old, Christina, was bored stiff. No school, no friends, no family gatherings, no interest in playing with her toys, and sick of screens. My wife and I were up to our eyeballs in work and could not pay much attention to her that day. In a throwaway suggestion, I told her to grab some of my printer paper and “write a book.”
After all, I told her, "who wouldn’t want to be a published author?" I didn’t think she would take that suggestion quite as seriously as she did.

When we received the first hardcover of the book, Christina was overjoyed and bouncing with excitement. She made me read it to her at bedtime night after night, and she would stare at the cover in seeming disbelief. It has turned into a life experience for her, which was our objective, has exposed her to a classical form of creative expression, and appears to have given her a taste for writing. So there should be more to come.

We’re very proud of her. Not a bad way of killing some extra time during a pandemic….

Joe Sisto 
Christina Sisto's Father

Magical Butterfly Book Covers

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Author Cristina Sisto

Christina Sisto

Christina Sisto is a seven year old who lives in Canada with her mom, dad, and big brother. She loves arts and crafts, building sandcastles with her dad at the beach, princesses and superheroes, and, of course, butterflies.

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