“...an unforgettable journey of illumination.”

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Emotional intelligence expert and writer tells a poignant, real, sassy and loving story of her time with a beloved dying friend and gleans wisdom that will enrich your life here and now.

How do you handle yourself when a loved one or friend is dying? Can you see past your own pain to the wonders of life that are there… if you only pay attention? Author Cynthia Barlow explores the nature of life, love, loss and letting go, inspired by the passing of a friend taken by cancer.

Four Fridays with Christina is full of gripping moments, laugh-out-loud reflections, and sassy insights as Barlow chronicles her friend’s precious final days and her own perceptions on finding purpose within pain. 


Four Fridays with Christina is winner of a 2022 Book Excellence Award.  

"Out of thousands of entries, this book was selected for its high-quality writing, design and overall market appeal." 
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Four Fridays With Christina

Bold and insightful, tender and lighthearted, Four Fridays with Christina will take you through the small delights and big decisions, the painful boundaries and celebratory bowel movements, the massive closet clean-out and the final goodbyes on the road to peace.

Barlow travels back to Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico, where she lived for five winters, and spends four weeks cooking bacon, directing and limiting visitor traffic, giving Christina an anchor to this life as she prepares to leave it. As much as Barlow gives to her adopted big sister, Christina gives back in spades as the author finds a new window and different light shining right into her own soul.

An uplifting story that honors the four Fridays Cynthia spent with her friend and all the profound moments in between,
Four Fridays with Christina will leave you feeling more invigorated about life itself—and more grateful for it.

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What others are saying

Four Fridays With Christina

“an unforgettable journey of illumination.”

Terri Cheney, author of New York Times bestseller Manic: A Memoir

I read Four Fridays through tears of wonder—it is an unforgettable journey of illumination. You could not ask for a more astute witness to life and death than Cynthia Barlow.

Four Fridays With Christina

"beautiful and elegantly written."

Stephanie Thornton Plymale. best-selling author of American Daughter

Four Fridays is beautiful and elegantly written. A memoir of deep friendship, loss and love. A must read for every woman rising above their circumstances.  Open, with raw honesty—a reflection of the depths of a life-long friendship.

Four Fridays With Christina

"poignant, unexpectedly funny and soul stirring"

Karen M. Black, author of Back to the Water

Anyone who has had a friend or lost a friend. Anyone who’s wondered about the mysteries of life or wrestled with the finality of death, will be taken in by this poignant, unexpectedly funny and soul stirring memoir.

Four Fridays Book on Table

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Cynthia Barlow

Author Cynthia Barlow BW

Cynthia Barlow is a facilitator, coach and author of the memoir Four Fridays: Lessons Learned by Letting Go.  

A specialist in emotional intelligence, she has conducted leadership development programs for over thirty years for clients like TD Bank, Bell, Bank of America, AutoZone and Amex. Her coaching clients range from top executives to everyday people looking for ways to notch up their performance.

As a speaker and personal development program leader, Cynthia has inspired thousands of people to look a little deeper and reach a little higher with her direct, humorous, and slightly sassy style. 

Cynthia is driven by truth, trust and transparency, and makes her home in Toronto, Canada.

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