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Nonfiction Book Covers

5 Ways To Tweak Your Nonfiction Book Cover To Success

A successful nonfiction book cover isn’t just about choosing the best design or the best font. There are certain ways you can manipulate readers into liking your cover, simply by following a couple of

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Want More Writing Time? Try These Author Productivity Tools

Like every other business out there, you have more demands on your time than you have hours in a day. Which is why these five essential indie author productivity tools just might help you squeeze in another

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Picture 1000 Words

When is a Picture Worth 1000 Words?

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. If you’re thinking about artwork for your book, you’re right that it can greatly enhance your book. However, you’ll want to exercise

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types of editing

How These 7 Types of Editing Will Make You a Better Author

how do you decide what kind of editing you and your book are ready for? Developmental editing? Substantive? Line editing or copy editing? And then there’s mechanical, production, and proofreading.

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Write Nonfiction

6 Brilliant Ways to Write Nonfiction Like a Bestselling Author

Whether you write nonfiction in the true crime, self-improvement, business, memoir, or any other sub-genre of nonfiction, there are six fundamental points we’d like you to keep in mind.

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Book Marketing

Seven Nonfiction Book Marketing Musts for Indie Authors

Book marketing is totally up to you when you’re an indie author. The planning, book tours, social connection and promotion, and networking… all up to you. It just takes a bit of courage, consistency,

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permission to quote

Permission to Quote: How, When and the Indie Author Challenge

If you write nonfiction, like all of our clients at Ingenium Books, you may want to quote other notable experts in your field. In either case, keeping on the right side of copyright law and obtaining permission

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Kitty Karma Book Signing

Kitty Karma Book Signing: You’re Invited!

It’s the Kitty Karma book signing in Toronto, and you’re invited! If you love books, and you love cats, and you love books about cats… then you really must join us Thursday May 31, 2018.

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Hire an Editor

Discover 10 Signs You Need To Hire An Editor Now

When you’re writing a book, having an editor helps you develop your book to the best version of itself. Some writers still think of editors mainly as grammar and spell checkers. In reality, when

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inspiring stories that matter

Inspiring Stories: The Canadian Association of Journalists 2017 Awards

These inspiring stories, and the talented journalists who tell them, play an important role in democracy today. They shine a light into the dark corners of a Canada we might be forgiven for thinking is

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