Book Your Discovery Call

  • This is not a sales call. We cannot accept every book idea or project. You’ll speak directly with cofounders Boni and John.
  • You'll get all your questions answered. 
  • You'll share a little about you, and of course your book idea, which means we get all our questions answered :-)
  • We will each discover (ha! it's a discovery call!) if we think we're a good fit. 

Prerequisites of a Discovery Call.

  • A book idea, partially written draft, or a finished manuscript
  • High standards of integrity 
  • A clear idea of what you think you and your book need before being publish ready: author coaching? manuscript development? editing? or essentially ready to publish?
  • Why you think we'll be interested in partnering to publish your book :-) Be ready to pitch us!

Lauren Clucas

Ingenium Books went way past what is expected to assist me with ideas, contacts, brainstorming, marketing and more, ensuring I made it to the finishing line.

- Lauren Clucas, Author of Wanted: How To Create a Relationship That Really Works

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