September 27


Kitty Karma Cat Tales Fund Shelters for Abandoned, Unwanted Felines in Need

By Boni Wagner-Stafford

September 27, 2017

We’re proud of the great work being done by our client, Kitty Karma Books, to help improve the lives of cats and kittens around the world.

Update November 2017: The Kitty Karma Indiegogo campaign exceeded its goals and is now in “demand” mode. 

Below, published with permission, is the news release announcing the project. 

Tuesday September 26, Toronto: Why should dogs feel all the love?

That’s what Kitty Karma Books’ founder and publisher Wai-Lin Terry thought to herself just before epiphany struck. “Having seen so many books devoted to dogs, I thought it was time to have one devoted to cats,” said the former top Wall Street executive and volunteer at Toronto Cat Rescue.  “After all, a life graced by a cat is changed forever.”

And with that, Kitty Karma Books was born.

Toronto-based Kitty Karma Books’ mission is to elevate the lives of abandoned, unwanted and disabled cats and kittens. With help from the global cat-loving community, Kitty Karma Books aims to honour all cats and elevate the welfare and life of cats in need.

To do this, Terry will launch an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign on October 1 to raise funds to cover publishing and production costs of Kitty Karma: Big Stories of Small Cats Who Change Our LivesThe campaign is live, and affords opportunities to sign up and get access to secret perks.

The book’s collection of stories, donated for free by nearly two dozen authors, will feature tales of adventure cats and feral cats; cats who are sailing on high seas off the coasts of New Zealand and Mexico; and a cat sanctuary located in a war zone. Readers will learn about a popular cat café in Ontario, Canada as well the first cat café in India.

The book will be published and available for sale in November. All net proceeds from book sales will be donated to support three incredible cat shelter charities – Il Gattaro D’Aleppo in Syria, ABay Kitties of Hawaii, and Whangamata CAT in New Zealand.  

Kitty Karma: Big Stories of Small Cats Who Change Our Lives is a heart-warming and heart-rending collection of stories that unveils a world of cats rarely seen and rarely known, and the book’s remarkable editorial contributors are united by one simple thing: a fierce and passionate love for cats.  Contributors include:

  • Siglinda Scarpa: An Italian artist and animal rights activist founder and primary benefactor for cat sanctuary The Goathouse Refuge in Pittsboro, North Carolina.
  • Alessandra Abidin: A Lebanese-born violinist with degrees in political science and international relations, who works in Switzerland and other countries in the field of immigration and war crimes.
  • Lori Ostlund and Anne Raeff. The only writing couple to have individually won the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction.

“I believe that cats bless us when they favour us with their attention and the world is a better place when there is a cat at home and cat fur on our clothes,” concluded Terry. “The width, depth and breadth of joy a cat can bring into our lives is without measure.”

Learn more:

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