March 16


How AI Content Creation and Detection Will Impact Writers

By Jon Gillham

March 16, 2023

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AI for content creators and writers is opening up new worlds. As authors and content creators, we’re interested, afraid, excited, or confused (and maybe all of the above!) about what AI content creation means for us and our futures. We attempt to help answer your questions and address concerns in this guest post from Jon Gillham, founder of Originality.AI, a plagiarism checker and AI detector capable of identifying content generated by the most popular AI writers and ChatGPT.

What AI Can Do For Writers

A popular application of artificial intelligence (AI) is writing or creating content. And this has seen the rise of various AI content creation tools from Jasper to ChatGPT. AI content creation tools are powered by natural language processing (NLP) models and machine learning.  

AI can generate all kinds of written content including blog posts, listicles, email copy, product descriptions, social media posts, essays, poetry, short stories, and novellas. AI writing tools produce astonishing results with the generated content being extremely similar to human writing. 

The Advantages of AI-Generated Content

AI writing has posed a conundrum for writers, editors, and content creators. It has some peculiar advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, AI-generated content is incredibly fast as it takes mere seconds to create. All you need to do is to enter a text prompt and the AI will generate content for you immediately. You save a lot of time and can churn out several pieces quickly.

AI writing also helps to overcome writer’s block. With AI writing, you can generate tons of ideas in no time and get the job done. You no longer have to spend time staring at your screen while your brain remains in a foggy haze.  

AI-generated content can also help writers save money. An AI writing tool can save a writer the costs of hiring editors, writers, and paying for grammar and spell checkers. But should we beware?

Concerns About AI-Generated Content

AI content generation comes with its own disadvantages too.

Firstly, many people believe that AI will lead to the loss of jobs for writers and content creators. Some content creators will choose to spend money on AI tools to generate various content for them as opposed to hiring writers. But the job loss predictions may not necessarily come true. There will always be a demand for skilled, creative writers who are capable of more than merely assembling words together.

Secondly, some content creators don’t like AI writing because of plagiarism issues and the outright use of AI without any human input.

That said, AI content detectors have now been developed for content creators. Some of these content detectors, like OriginalityAI, can detect AI content and tell you the level to which a piece of content was written by an AI or a human. This has allayed and solved some ethical concerns about using AI for writing.

AI content detectors will unravel and reveal writings churned out by AI. This will be beneficial to genuine writers who take their time to write outstanding articles for their clients. AI content detectors will separate the wheat from the chaff. It will ensure that skilled writers continue to get writing jobs, while the unskillful ones that use AI for the entire writing process will be out of jobs.  

Content creators and writers can now present scan reports from AI content detectors to their clients as proof that they wrote an entire article from scratch. This will endear them to their clients and help them to continually access jobs even when other writers complain that there are no jobs.

AI Is Here To Stay, and Help

Human writers will always be needed and sought after. AI shouldn’t be dismissed; instead, it can be accepted as a tool to help human writers. Writers and content creators should continue to hone their writing skills while using AI for creativity and to overcome writer’s block. While they hone their skills, they can rest assured that AI content detectors will help to filter out human-written content from AI-generated content. 

The combination of AI content creators and AI content detectors will be incredibly helpful for writers now and in the future.

— Jon Gillham, founder of Originality.AI

Over to You

What are your thoughts about AI-generated content? Let us know below. Ask Jon any questions you may have and let’s further the conversation!

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