Media Advisory: Compelling Interview Offer — Author and Therapist Shares New Way of Looking at & Treating Trauma

(Calgary, AB, April 11)

Colleen Clark is an author, a globally recognized trauma therapist, and trainer.  She is also  a  compelling speaker with an important new perspective on timely topics like mental health and trauma. Clark is an MSW, RCSW, BCETS, BCBT, BCFT, BCSA, who brought Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to Canada in 2014 and has trained more than 1200 therapists from coast to coast to coast and internationally.

An interview with Colleen makes a compelling segment on any of the following topics.  

  • Why the old way of treating trauma isn’t working
  • Trauma and its toll on first responders
  • How Accelerated Resolution Therapy can help heal trauma faster, and more safely.  
  • Trauma and how it affects the trauma therapist
  • We have all been a first responder dealing with someone’s trauma at one time or another – how does that affect us?

Her new book, Come Passion: The Soulful ART of Healing Trauma, is aimed primarily at an audience of trauma therapists using Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to heal their patients, but the messages contained within have relevance to all of us — especially in these times.  

“As human beings, we all have the capacity and ability to cope and survive through our own unique experiences until, in some cases, a long-closed door — behind which is a traumatic event, or more than one — opens, and our world is turned upside down. Terror, fear, confusion, desperation, powerlessness, and even thoughts of suicide can send us into crisis.

“The human spirit seeks to live but, to heal, the depths of remembering, regaining understanding, and integration of self needs to occur. It is not easy to embark on this journey as the outcome is unknown. People just know they cannot live this way anymore.
Why we suffer, and the degree to which we suffer, are sometimes impossible to fathom, but we can heal in this lifetime, continually growing, developing, and evolving.”

—Colleen Clark

More about the book

Come Passion: The Soulful ART of Healing Trauma draws from her practical experience in delivering this therapy to enhance your work as an ART therapist. It’s part manual, part workbook with a focus on how to prepare your client and yourself for ART, showing you how to help your client’s healing journey from a position of compassion.  This isn’t simply a manual for using Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to treat trauma disorders. It is designed to enhance your practice and skills as an ART therapist. Instead of digging deep into the process of providing ART, Come Passion focuses on preparing your client and yourself for this very beneficial therapy.  Unresolved trauma not only affects a person’s mental health but also their physical health. The body keeps score. This is why treating trauma disorders can make such a profound difference to someone’s quality of life.  

More about Colleen

She became a social worker in 1985, a clinical social worker in 1992, and has been in clinical private practice since 1994.  She brings an inherent wisdom and depth of healing for the children, youth, teens, adults, couples and families she has had the honour to work with on their journey through healing to wholeness. 

Clark brought Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to Canada in 2014, and has since trained more than 1200 therapists from coast to coast to coast.  She is a Master ART Practitioner, Clinical ART Specialist, ACSW Clinical Supervisor, RCRR Lead Certified ART Trainer Canada. She is also a diplomat with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, is board certified in bereavement trauma and sexual abuse trauma, has presented her work nationally and internationally, and has been a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary in the Faculty of Social Work.

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