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10 Qualities of a Winning Business Plan

Whether you write your own business plan or hire expert help, the finished product should reflect these ten qualities.

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5 Key Attitudes of a Successful Entrepreneur

Turns out your attitude is the most important factor in your success or failure as an entrepreneur. Not personality. And not character. Oh sure, whether you are outgoing or risk averse, full-to-the-brim

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Hunker Down, or Hire Help? The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

When you first start out building your business, long hours and eight-day-weeks are expected. But no one can – or should – keep up that kind of pace forever. It’s a drain on your personal, mental

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Four Key Ways Editing and Proofreading Differ: as an Author Know You Want Both

First-time authors can be forgiven for thinking that editing and proofreading are interchangeable. They’re not. As an author, know that you want both for your manuscript.

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