May 9


A New Name, a New Season for Ingenium Books Podcast

By Boni Wagner-Stafford

May 9, 2023

#indieauthors, books, publishing

We are happy to announce it’s time for season two of our podcast! It’s a new season, with a new name: The Ingenium Books podcast.

We took a little bit of a break, like a year or so, as we re-evaluated our priorities and dug deep into what the business reasons were for spending all the time and money that it takes to produce and publish a podcast… which is all part of being a publisher and figuring out how to get your message out to those you want to reach.

Season one of our podcast was called the Empowered Author podcast. We have 52 episodes. We love those episodes. We had some great feedback. We had some great conversations with some great guests. One of the reasons we’ve changed our name… well, there are two reasons actually.

  1. After we chose the name, we discovered that there was another podcast with the same name, and
  2. There was another fairly popular writing-publishing person in the UK who has a rather large newsletter/following and she calls it the Empowered Author.

Now, it’s not the end of the world to have the same name as someone else, and at first, we didn’t really know how big a deal that was going to be.

And in the end, that is, at the end of our 52-episode season one, we decided we really did want to have a name that was uniquely ours.

So it’s the Ingenium Books podcast. Simple, clean. And very clear that it is ours. And so the focus where we were taking in season one with those first 52 episodes was pretty explicitly on issues of importance to authors, hence the word author in the title, we’re shifting the focus a little bit.

In the Ingenium Books Podcast, we’re going to talk about authors, publishers, and change makers. And that is a nod to the kinds of stories that we publish at Ingenium Books. From our homepage, “we publish stories that awe, inspire, enlighten, and challenge, that show us how to transform our relationships, bodies, health, finances, businesses, or ourselves. We publish stories that build trust in the universe, that demonstrate our innate resilience and that prompt us to rethink what’s possible.”

Hence the changemaker part of the subtitle of the podcast. So, we will have all kinds of cool topics coming up for our future weekly episodes. Topics of relevance, whether you’re an author, whether you’re a publisher, whether you’re an author-publisher, a publisher who’s also an author, and that changemaker piece as we talked about. We’re going to be talking about film and TV licensing. We’re going to be talking about music tracks in audiobooks, which is something that John’s working hard on. We’re excited to share some of those things with you. Information and discussion about the publishing business, trends, things that are changing, challenges. Artificial Intelligence (AI). And marketing, and of course writing craft.

But we’ll be here every week, and we’re looking forward to it. Thanks for joining us.

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